NOLA Light

Living in the light that shining down on me.

I don’t care what they say, I believe in the spirit world, prayers of my ancestor and treating people how you want to be treated no matter how they treat you… My Momo taught me to be and do just that.

I moved home to be closer to her if only in spirit prior to her death, fully knowing her body was nothing, but a mere shell, but her soul was in constant contact with my heart. She trained me up, picked me up when I was down and kept me lifted and I will forever be grateful. Everything that is going on in my world is off the works of her prayers for me.

If I had to be really honest I would tell everyone that she is the only person, besides my Mama that matter. They prayed, sacrificed and invested in me and only to them I owe any thing. ⚜

NOLA Misbelief aka Chinese Plums Season *Loquats

After seeing that post earlier of that branch of Misbelief’s, I decided to revive one of my blogs and map out a plan of where to find a tree today. Other than the huge one I saw on Marginy and St.Claude oneday that had me wanting to go knock the door of who had to be a transplant, because no sane New Orleans person would ever have a big axx tree bearing fruit that we wld let just rot on the tree, fall to the grown and rot and let the birds and squirrels eat the damn fruit 🤦🏾😡
I’m still mad.. they really need to move like why??🤷🏾

My Auntie cut down a pecan tree and I nearly died, but out of blinking in and out I think she said it was dying or something along that line..i hope🤔


A childhood favorite that had me in a many of yards trespassing is what it would be considered now, just to get my fingers on these sweet little things. I remember jumping over fences, looking out for dogs and though I never was told to get out of someone’s yard, I heard a plenty of stories about friends who were. Some who were either really brave or needed the Misbeliefs so bad they would go into yards known for dogs, mean old ladies and climb so high after seeing the ripest ones on higher branches that they fell and more than likely walking around with a fracture that set itself and giving them problems, because they could not and would not be able to tell their Mama they climbed and fell out of a Misbelief Tree..😂⚜

I’m sad to tell yall that on my NOLA walks I have noticed a many of trees with branches of fruit rotting and drying up, because of two things I believe; #1 the “transplants” people who relocated here have no idea what a priceless tasty delicacy they possess and #2 there are not enough natives/locals here to eat them up.

Since, I know it’s Misbelief Season I plan to hit different streets on my NOLA walks and go around my old school areas, I know I will find a few trees around there.

Photo credit Jalis Lewis




Watching NOLA Nature


These little fruit trees grow all over the city. We have one in the back yard, and the fruit is delicious, like a sweet apricot with a little kiwi or banana mixed in. Loquats are often called “misbeliefs” by local children, and the reason that I have found that makes the most sense is that Italian immigrants long ago, who may have actually brought these trees to New Orleans, called them Mespila or or Nespolo, the common name in Italy. Which somehow was changed to misbelief over time. Ours are still a bit sour to eat, but they’ll be ready by Jazz Fest if not before.

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Nola F.A.M.E Food Mart Good Eats

I feel really bad bcuz I wld pass up this cornerstore and would patronize the competition, because there was way to much traffic in such a small place with no option to move around in the store, plus I’m clostraphopic.

Im a shopper and I like to look at what I buy, touch it even candy. Everything is encased behind a bullet proof store window, protecting them from both bullets and the very hurgry..

It’s the type of corner store you see in the movies, where you point and scream thru the glass for what you want only to have the cashier send your items thru a crack like at those check cashing places.

Well, today I decided to ask one of the young men standing outside the store if they sold hotplates and the answer is, Yes. I told the him that I planned to go to this other place a block away and he gave me a choice, #1 if I wanted to spend my money and have good food, to go on ahead to the place I was heading to or #2 get my food from Fame Food Mart and save some money and get some good food… I choose #2 and I’m happy I did.

I also found out that Fame Food Mart owned by a young black man and people aren’t hanging out, they are waiting on their food 🤦🏾
#catfish & #shrimp #platter $11.99

The food was very good, staff was nice and helpful and prices are very affordable… No wonder why it’s always busy.
#blackowned #blackownedrestaurant #shopblack #soulfood #Neworleans #nolaeats #greatfood #afforableprices

Fried chicken wings & Fries

catfish & shrimp platter

It's sorta like New Orleans yaka mein and honestly I do not know which one is better. The base of this soup has a deep soulful flavor, the chicken was roasted and seasoned well. It was super good.

Cajun Noodle Soup w/Shrimp & Chicken, It’s sorta like New Orleans yaka mein and honestly I do not know which one is better. The base of this soup has a deep soulful flavor, the chicken was roasted and seasoned well. It was super good.

Sweet potato bread pudding w/rum sauce & pecans

A lunch date with Nola Chic at Cafe Degas

I treated myself to a solo lunch after a stressful morning meeting at one of my favorite restaurants in the city.

Cafe Degas is located at 3127 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans.

Cafe Degas is a ovely cozy, romantic tree house feel for a french restaurant. An actual tree runs thru it, which is pretty cool. You have the option to sit outside on the small patio area. It’s beautiful in and outside, so there’s no bad seating.

Today I was pleasantly surrounded by the pri Cafe Degas – $18 prix fixe lunch Wed and Thurs $5 Mimosas

I never had a bad meal here, delicous French inspired food. I tried escargot once and actually loved it until I told my family I ate it and they made me picture the damn snail…

Wait staff attentive and helpful, food was up quick.

I highly recommend Cafe Degas, it’s a local favorite, well mine’s anyway lol

Crab Bisque

Fried Oyster Salad

Creme Brule

NOLA Chic’s Essence Festival Tips

Its that time of year once again in New Orleans, no its not Carnival Time, better known as Mardi Gras, but it’s festival time! New Orleans has 130 festivals per year, with an average of 1 festivals every 3 days per the New Orleans Tourism Official guide website.


Out of all the festivals one of my favorites is the Essence Festival. 2018 Essence Music Festival will begin on Thursday, July 5th and ends on Sunday, July 8th in New Orleans, La, my city, my home, my birthplace, my NOLA.

Image result for essence festival 2018


Moving back to New Orleans has impacted the way I attend any festival. Living in New Orleans with so much going on can be great and has it’s perks, but also disadvantages and we try our best to live somewhere along the middle. New Orleans is a city of never-ending events, music, food, partying, but living here and being a part of all our city offers requires having a master plan, at times we have to plan more than the average tourist.

Yeah We Going to New Orleans for the Essence Festival!!!!


Yes, planning in advance and your arrival time for any festival or event in New Orleans can be the deciding factor on how fabulous of a time you will have. Time is key, can you imagine living here and dealing with the craziness.. Yes, we live here, have no need for hotels or car rental, but we deal with the same issues as a tourist, maybe more. New Orleans has constant activity 24/7; events and festivals every weekend may sound exciting, but there are days when you’re like sick of traffic. Our lives, schedules needs adjusting.


Over the years I would plan my visit home to coincide with the festival, because Essence is the must black girl event to attend, nothing but, #MyBlackIsBeautiful in New Orleans day and night!!! Year after year I would travel to New Orleans to get my annual sprinkle of #BlackGirlMagic glitter dust. More often than not, I would hit the road with my Auntie and cousin, making it an official “Girl’s Trip!”




We had one up on the other tourist coming into town, family living in New Orleans. My family more often my grandmother would host our stay, this allowed us to save our coins by not staying at the overpriced hotels. There were times when I needed to have the total Essence Experience; you know be my very own star, act like a diva and to be that Essence Girl. To be all things fabulous I needed to stay at a hotel, but I had a regular chic bank account, therefore I booked my rooms months prior.

Planning is key to getting the most out of attending the festival. There’s so much to do and if you do not plan accordingly your trip can end up with you bummed out at the hotel. Planning, includes planning for convention center, day parties, restaurants, the Superdome and Bourbon St.

Don’t try to do it all. Make a list of your must do, ya know the things you really want to see, do and eat, leaving room to do something that will pop up. It’s very hard being here, seeing and smelling everything, the smell and sights of the city are intoxicating alone, adding Essences will have you OD’s off New Orleans. Pace yourself and do not trip out if you just cant do something.

  • Make sure to include rest and wardrobe change in your time management plan.

I’m here to give you Essence Tips from a local perspective, who’s better to tell you anything about and the things happening here, but a New Orleanian. I will help you not only a slay Essence, but also enjoy all my city. If this isn’t your first trip to New Orleans, I guarantee this will be the best of the best.


Let me show you My Nola as you stay and party in NOLA for the Essence Festival. My hope is that you will leave New Orleans feeling as if you are a New Orleanian!




Let’s start off with the obvious, which is planning your trip to New Orleans for the Essence Festival early. Some people start planning while they are in the midst of the festival for the next year, yes it’s that real. The sooner the better, especially for those of us who are on a budget, both airline and hotel prices are increased to the tune of 300%, but hey if you have it like that, then do you, Chic.

There were times when I came home for a visit a week before an event and the cost get a 4 star hotel for under $125, but during the Essence Festival, actually any festival or event that same hotel, same room will run you about $400. You can cut cost by booking early, more than 60 days prior, because once the rooms get booked means the prices increase, the same goes for airfare.

As I mentioned before I’m all for saving and I have no qualms with flying on Spirit Airlines. I’m not sure what all the gossip is for but for under $100 round trip I will fly into New Orleans on spirit with no problems. Yes, I have to pay for my bag, but there is no beating $100 round trip ticket. I suggest if you’re not too bougie and you’re not coming with over two bags, I highly recommend you using Spirit Airlines.

  • Tip for Spirit Airlines: Go into the airport to buy your ticket you can save almost $40 per ticket at the counter, this option is not for other airlines.

Prices increase once the rooms and airline seats are just about at full capacity, not the opposite. Some people think a deal will pop up when this is the case, they are wrong. Don’t wait til the last minute you will spend hundreds more on that ticket you saw for $89 months ago.

  • The only way to get a deal is to buy when no one else is buying. You will notice when more than half the seats or rooms are open is when prices are at their lowest.

Also, I use discounted sites such as Hotwire, Priceline and etcetera to purchase airline tickets, hotels and car rental. You can save hundreds of dollars by booking on these sites, especially if you do it months in advance. Often there is code for these site via Retailmenot that can save you a few more dollars on top of the savings.

  • For example hotels and airlines sell a block of rooms/seats to discounted sites such as Hotwire, Travelocity and etc, these sites offer a greater discount, but there are only so many offers they can sell, booking early is the only option to get a great deal on these sites.

  • Special Offer! $25 Off of Your App Motel Reservations Of $100+

    Get $25 Off your hotel reservations of $100 or maybe more when you buy throughout the Hotwire App. Promo Code: WELCOME25

If you’re coming with a group, I would recommend driving depending on where you’re from, but you can share driving and the gas cost. An added plus with driving is you can bring some New Orleans delicacies home. There have been times when I was craving a hot sausage PoBoy after I left New Orleans and how happy I was skipping to my kitchen in Minnesota. Yasss driving can be wonderful!.


I’ve noticed over the years that there are buses that come here leaving out US cities such as Atlanta and Houston offering day and overnight trips to the Essence Festival, freeing you from the worry of driving to New Orleans as well as driving in the city. I think the bus option would be really cool for someone who is traveling alone, as well as for a group. There’s the opportunity to you meet people on the bus from your town, networking and meeting new friends is always a good thing. You and your new friends may decide to hang out in New Orleans and when yall get back home. Whatever, you mode choose to get here, I highly suggest that you start planning early and don’t be afraid to save money, but hey if you have it like that, go ahead and spend it.

Image result for atlanta day trips to new orleans

Essence Music Festival 2018 – One Day Trip – From Atlanta, GA to New Orleans $25-$125


Now, on to accommodations. As a local of New Orleans I do not support Airbnb, none of us support Airbnb. Why you may be wondering? Airbnb has made it not an option for natives to live in homes they can afford in the same neighborhood we lived in prior to Katrina. The very people who work in the tourism industry can not stay in New Orleans anymore. Then the housekeepers work for $7.50 at these million dollar hotels, but hey they are working. AirBnB does not employ workers, literally taking away income from the natives. We have been pushed out of the wards, well our neighborhoods, because they are located within minutes of downtown, Bourbon St, French Quarters… These very neighborhoods were avoided by these same people who have the moved in. Natives were given pennies to rebuild and it wasn’t enough to rebuild, which resulted in them selling their property. The city, the government, FEMA knew what they were doing. Now these same homes that they tricked residents into selling for $50K or less are on the market for $180+ and the wealthy non-natives, transplant come in town and buy up the property like it’s Monopoly.

Image result for new orleans no airbnb

Image result for new orleans no airbnb

Image result for new orleans no airbnb

Gentrification… It’s all about gentrification. I know you all want to live how we live, that’s a whole other bowl of gumbo, but if you just have to stay at one please patronize the community you are staying in. Go to the corner stores, patronize black own small businesses and tip the waiters/waitress.

Image result for new orleans no airbnb

Image result for new orleans no airbnb

  • I have blogs about our neighborhoods.

  • My favorite hotels: The Saint Hotel, Queen & Crescent, Intercontinental, Omni, Chateau LeMoyne – French Quarter, A Holiday Inn Hotel and Embassy Suites, St.Pierre Hotel French Quarter

th (12)

The Saint Hotel







The red room at The Saint Hotel

Lobby at the Intercontinental

I had to take off my wedges… Intercontinental Hotel

Rooftop pool at the Intercontinental

Rooftop pool at the Intercontinental

St.Pierre Hotel

St. Pierre Courtyard

St.Pierre Cobblestone sidewalk


Traffic and parking Tips


To avoid getting caught in traffic and paying for parking I recommend getting a hotel that’s close to the convention center or Superdome area, which will be the downtown/French Quarter area. There is also the option of getting a hotel on a bus line or streetcar line which would be great, because it would give you the opportunity to see the city. Tourist who stay within walking distance of the events have one up on all of us, yes, including the locals. All they have to do is get dressed and walk, saving major time and money. Most hotels that aren’t located downtown do not offer valet or charge for parking another savings as well because, if you do come in a car you do not want to pay $40+ a day for parking.

Image result for new orleans parking

Parking garages, ramps and lots get pretty spendy during this time as well, prices can be as high as $50 depending on the location. The parking meters are designed to trap you into an expensive ticket, on-street parking meter rates in the French Quarter, Marigny, Central Business District and Warehouse District are $3.00 an hour. Parking meter rates are $2.00 an hour everywhere else in the city of New Orleans. Operating hours for the meters are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Saturday.

Parking Panda

Use the Parking Panda online platform and mobile app to find, reserve and pay for parking in advance. This mobile reservation service operates in selling reservations for a variety of companies at over 30 locations in New Orleans.

Premium Parking

New Orleans Parking

Premium Parking also offers online reservations at several locations in the New Orleans Area. To reserve parking, go to and click the red pins on the Google Map for your desired location. You then follow the links and instructions to complete your parking reservation. Their overnight rates offer a significant discount from the rates hotels charge.

Do not take any chances with parking, you will get a $150 boot or towed to impound lot. If you rented a car and it gets towed you will need to contact the rental company to get permission to have it released to you. These people do not play, do yourself a favor and bypass the rental car..

Numbers to Know

General Parking Questions & Parking Enforcement: (504) 658-8200
Administrative Hearing Center: (504) 658-8250
Booting: (504) 565-7451
Towing Information/Auto Pound: (504) 658-8284
Parking Enforcement: (504) 658-8200

  • Plan accordingly giving yourself more than enough time to consider sitting in traffic.

Bus, Streetcar and Ferry

New Orleans is just a big circle which is why I do not understand how people get lost. It takes one to get off the I-10 to exit onto another highway to get out of here and the same goes for the bus. The main buses and street car that travel downtown are very easy to navigate on, just don’t transfer to another bus and come back on the same one, well number.

The street car can pick you up on Canal St, downtown and bring Uptown or City Park are allowing you to see the all the beautiful New Orleans architecture . The street car has the round trip option if you are using it for sight seeing. All you need to do is get off at the end of the line, allowing the driver to get a short break, after he is done he will let you know when it’s time to depart back to Canal St.

I love the streetcar, especially the traditional green ones that take you down St.Charles Ave, they have that woodsy spicy old smell, the sound of the seats and the windowing clicking as they go up and down takes me back to my childhood. Riding the streetcar is a must no matter what you are here for.

Image result for new orleans streetcar bus pas

Located at the end of Canal St is the Ferry which will bring you across the river for $2 each way. The ferry was such a nice ride across the Mississippi River. If you’re debating on a boat ride to see the New Orleans skyline, I recommend just taking a round trip on the ferry. It cost only $2 each way, so that’s $4 and you’ll have a great view. It’s cheaper than buying a dinner boat ticket that cost like $50 and more. I recommend checking what time the sun sets and go then. The ferry comes every 20 minutes. The ride last about 5 minutes each way. If you don’t plan to get off on the other side, just know that you’ll need to get off, and go around back in line and pay to get back on the boat.

  • RTA’s Standard Ticket One-Way Fares are $1.25 for the Streetcar and the Bus, Express Bus is an additiona $1.25 and Transfers are 25 cents.


Canal Street Ferry


  • Bring exact change like small bills or coins. There is a vending machine that will give you change if you forget. Hopefully your smallest bill isn’t a $20. I got dollar coins and those are so heavy.

  • RTA offers discounted daily passes and there’s an App you can download as well via RTA’s GoMobile app:

RTA’s GoMobile app lets you purchase and use passes instantly on your smartphone! Buy tickets anywhere, anytime in just seconds! GoMobile offers a variety of RTA pass options. The app also offers an Integrated Ferry, Bus, and Streetcar Pass that allows you to ride on all RTA ferries, buses and streetcars using one pass!

Image result for new orleans ferry

Please check out part 2 for tips on concerts, swag bags, convention center and much more!!

My star studded fabulous night at the Big Easy Entertainment Awards


Last night I had the opportunity to work and attend the Big Easy Entertainment Awards and it was fabulous! All who were in attendance had personalities that reflected our New Orleans spirit, very kind, outgoing, beautiful people.


Photo credit Shannon Yvette


The entertainers I met were awesome, they are like.. ya know regular people lol. I found that the only thing that separates us from celebrities is the cameras, outside of living with the whole watching, they are just like us.

Speaking of being just like us, I met entertainer, Meschiya Lake she was so cool I wish I could hang out with her. She’s super cool, classy with that edge of “I’m so New Orleans. She was a free spirit and I loved seeing it, she was just so fun. I spent more time with her than working lol.

I met Irma Thomas, Germaine Bazzle and Wanda Rouzan, they were so kind to me. I did not know I needed to get Mrs.Bazzle and Mrs.Rouzan when I escorted Mrs.Thomas to the stage and I was so upset with myself, but they hushed me and told me I did the right thing. They encouraged me to keep on pushing on with my career and told me to stop apologizing for my success.

I met a group of pure fabulousness, yasss they were all that! They had me laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. They were part of the Tennessee Williams Theater and I look forward to running into these fellas again.


Nola Chic and the Krewe of the Tennessee Williams Theater

Nothing but Nola Fun


My evening was full of mingling with people in the entertainment industry, so much so I think I was one for a moment.

As you all know I’m a big RuPaul Drag Race fan and the Mistress of Ceremony was the hilariously funny, voluptuous Ms.Varla Jean Merman. She shown a clip of costumes to wear and she dressed up, well she squeezed her entire body into a brown sweater including her legs and head, folding herself up to resemble a butterball turkey. 😂😂😂 It was too funny.

Nola Chic and the Diva Varla Jean



Being a native of New Orleans meeting Big Freedia was epic for me. Yes, I a huge fan, but more so I’m so happy and proud of her creative genius that enabled her to be who she is now. As with many of New Orleanians we keep on pushing towards our goals even while going through pure hell. I wish her much success and look forward to getting to know her as I climb my own Nola ladder of success.

You already know!!! Big Freddia & Nola Chic!!

I can’t stop repeating how wonderful of a time I had! And to think of how nervous i was beforehand, I literally stress myself out for nothing. The event felt nothing like work, I felt like I was born to it, I was in my element, so much so I didn’t eat much and that’s not like.. Now, I’m wishing for a bowl of crawfish pasta or a muffaletta.

Jon Broder
Foundation for Entertainment, the Master of the event was just as chill too. He talked with us, mingled with his guest while looking pretty dapper in his creamy rose 70ish inspired tuxedo or was it a suit..? I’m not sure, but if he was a woman I would say he slayed the scene and I would give him the Best Dressed Man Award, he defiantly made a fashion statement.

*I will request a pic of him, the one I took came out blurry.

I think of it my co-workers who put in a total of 15 years of working the Big Easy Entertainment Awards mentioned that it didn’t feel like the normal either, recalling years of stress and mishaps and late performers, we basically breezed through the event.

The evening was a hit and words can not describe how it felt to be a part of such a magical event. It’s never ending thanks to Jon for selecting me as well as to the krewe for welcoming me with open arms and showing me the ropes. Everything was just awesome.

You know what I’ll stop with all the “oh it was so fabulous event and let you judge for yourself!

The Nola Chic on the NOLA Cobblestone Brick Red Carpet at the 30th Anniversary Big Easy Entertainment Awards

Nola Stars

Let’s go get em


Photo credit of Shannon Yvette



Photo credit of Shannon Yvette


Photo credit of Shannon Yvette

Delish da Goddess



















Little Freddie King with Samantha Fish

Little Freddie King with Samantha Fish








Betty Winn & One A Cord

Betty Winn & One A Chord

cast of Once On This Island

Meschiya Lake having a moment










History Of The Big Easy Entertainment Awards 


This is New Orleans’ premier event honoring the musical and theatrical talent of a city world renowned for its outstanding performing arts. A combination of the “Grammys” and the “Tonys” in style, 45+ awards are presented to local talent by national and regional celebrities for accomplishments in both music and theater. Harry Shearer, John Goodman, Vance and Ellen DeGeneres have served as Master of Ceremonies and presenters have included: Taylor Hackford, Harry Anderson, Eric Roberts, Lily Tartikoff, Jonathan Frakes, Adrienne Barbeau, Paul Shaffer, Rhonda Shear, Arthel Neville, Rita Coolidge, Jay Thomas, Justin Wilson, Jimmy Buffet, Quint Davis, and Isaac Tigrett.

The first Big Easy Entertainment Awards was held in the Blue Room of the Fairmont Hotel in 1988, produced by Margo DuBos, Publisher of Gambit Weekly. The event was small in scope, with attendance limited to 400. The need for an awards show to pay tribute to the city’s performing talent was obvious from the overwhelming positive response from the entertainment community. After one more year in the Blue Room (1989), the show moved to larger venues.
The demand for more tickets and more awards resulted in the show moving to New Orleans’ Municipal Auditorium in 1991. When that venue was leased as a temporary casino site in 1994, the event returned to the Fairmont Hotel but this time to the Imperial Ballroom. In 1995 the event expanded to the opulent Orpheum Theatre, where up to 1800 people attended the awards ceremonies followed by a Celebration Bash supper dance for a thousand people in the Fairmont’s Imperial Ballroom. In 1998, the event moved to the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, and the 13th event in 2000 moved to one of the largest ballrooms in the city at The Hilton Hotel, where the SRO show continued until 2005 when the event returned to the Municipal Auditorium.

Event sponsors include: Gambit Weekly, Harrah’s New Orleans Casino, Coleman E.Adler & Sons jewelers, John Jay, Mardi Gras Productions, and Abita Beer. Community radio stations WWNO 89.9 fm and WWOZ 90.7 fm also supports the event.

The show’s high quality production standards have earned acclaim and loyalty from the entertainment community. George Porter, Jr (2005), The Pfister sisters (2004), Kidd Jordan (2002), Frankie Ford (2001),Wanda Rouzan (2000), Deacon John (1999), The Neville Brothers (1998), Cosimo Matassa (1997), Pete Fountain (1996), Harold Batiste (1995), Quint Davis (1994), Irma Thomas (1992) and Quincy Jones (1991) have served as Honorary Chairpersons.

Gambit Publisher Margo DuBos continues as Executive Producer, Gloria Powers is Executive Director.
A separate awards event for classical music, opera and dance was begun in 1994. The Tribute to the Classical Arts luncheon February 2, 2007 at the Hotel Monteleone is sponsored by Gambit Weekly, WWNO fm, Hall Piano Company, Uptown Costume & Dancewear, and Coleman E. Adler & Sons jewelers.

The awards events are produced annually to benefit the Foundation for Entertainment Development

Credit of the Gambit New Orleans

We are New Orleans

I came across this pic I took awhile ago and it made me think of all of you..

Wondering if you had bouts of sadness, worry, anger, felt afraid and the list of symptoms that come with PTSD after surviving Katrina.

You may wonder why someone worked on your last nerve today, while you tried to make the best of this rainy day schedule. I’m pretty sure the city was full of eyes stuck on the TV screens only taking a break to look outside to see how much water accumulated on your block, I know I did. If I was a betting person, I wld hv made a bet about pump failure, because I wasn’t certain they really fixed them after hearing the Rep say ” the pumps needed more time to pump more than 3 inches of water” why we can’t get the pumps that can pump feet of water at a time??? The money is there, but I guess they using it for their private planes outta here.. IDK

I just wanted you all to know that you were in my thoughts and prayers today. Being who I am, is more than just being “some Chic” who talks about the things happening in our city. I created “NOLA Chic and the Nola Life page, because yes I love New Orleans, but loving New Orleans means loving the people of New Orleans.

The people of New Orleans are New Orleans, the city would not be nothing without the locals/natives of this city. The people are New Orleans, we make this city great, they can’t do it without You! ⚜💛🖤💯

Let’s Chat New Orleans Locals

We the locals of New Orleans, the people who get up to make this city work need to shout the words of Fred Sanford to the city and state reps, well actually it was Bubba who said “I want my daddy’s records.”

We all are due our inheritance, we all had ancestors who built this city that millions of tourist come to, millions of ppl mimic all that we do and there are several ppl coming here not only to live here, but push us out our city.

We deserve to live off the milk and honey of the land that we work, our parents, grandparents and ancestors put their blood in sweat in.

There are millions, possibly billions that we deserve to have access to just like the others. Please don’t think ppl move here solely off the love for New Orleans, they are getting paid. How else can they afford the same houses we used to pay $450/month that rents for $1450 now.

Nola Locals were tricked into settling for the lil road home money or selling their homes for little of nothing and those same homes are on the market for #180k+..

Sorry to rant a but seriously. We must go back to the ways of the old and hv each other’s back, pull each other up, pray & support one another, essentially be “I am my brother’s/sisters keeper”.

There’s no need to be envious of each other, there’s enough of the pie to go around. I know when I get my delicious pie, I’m inviting my ppl to the table and say “Gurl, eat this damn pie, you gonna get the next one” Basically, Paying it Forward.

Others have the ability to support, be happy and share within their circles, because they know if you in a circle it has no choice but to affect everyone in It, the blessing will get to all those in the circle. I wish we all could think like that.

Thank all of you for being so supportive and encouraging. I noticed there’s no need to ask ppl to share my post, read my blog, I don’t hv to ask this one to call me, I don’t hv to beg for friendships or a FB damn like, y’all been just that real. It’s something how a person outside of your family, shoot a person ya meet on social media can turn out to be one of the best ppl you will ever had in your life.

For example I met Kishondamarie on FB, don’t remember what post, but i remember seeing her in Walmart a couple of years ago and we hugged like long-lost friend. Today, we are really good friends, share our lives & the most sacred thoughts with ease or judgement, she’s really protective of me like a lil sister and actually she has made it bearable to be away from my sister.

There are some real souls out there in social media world that I am destined to have as awesome of a friendship with.

Today, I had a very bad day after having a phenomenal experience last night & it took for two women I met on here to call me randomly without knowing how I was feeling. Having that support, that New Orleans hospitality made me feel so good and reminded me of why I came home.

My experience made me have compassion for my fellow church member, who’s what we refer to as a transplant, but she had a similar situation within her circle, neighborhood. Maybe, we, well I’ll say the locals, natives of New Orleans are so upset with the effects of gentrification that some are attempting to solve it by using threatening antics, but that will not work.

We have to work together to solve this issue. I know it’s stressful, heartbreaking to see the very community you grew up in being turned into this New New Orleans. ..

I have always been a humble, loving spirit, there’s not a drop of boasting, bragging, bougie ya know all those bad B words in me, but if by chance I slip and bump my head and forget who the hell I am please know you can correct me, but I seriously know that will not happen unless i really bump my head and develop a case of amnesia.

I share my blessings only because I was once a lil girl in New Orleans and had no clue that the world was so big & without pissing my Mama off I’ll just say we had some tough times, my daddy was absent for a period after they broke up and she had to work a lil $2/hr cooking job in the French Quarter(workers in the Quarter still make very low wages) and we were latch key was hard and the only people who had it good were the white people, but one day I found out black people could have it as well.

Thank you all & I’m here help me show you #Mylife #MyNola #MyNolaLife 💯⚜❤