Let me show you my NOLA

Neauxla Chic is one of New Orleans top lifestyle bloggers putting the spotlight on the very people that make New Orleans the #1 travel destination in the world, those people are the locals, native New Orleanians.

My goal is to “Show you my NOLA” by means of showcasing the men, women, children of New Orleans. I’ll take you into the lives of the single working NOLA tourism worker, eat, shop, party and do business with New Orleans entrepreneur. I will go beyond the party hot spot of Bourbon St and show you the real city, the heart and soul of New Orleans and it’s people, allowing them to share their stories of trying to keep the the lights on while tourist turn up on Bourbon St..

My hopes in sharing is to get the tourist, the very people who love New Orleans for all that it stands for to come into the communities and patronize local businesses, the small business owner who are located outside of the tourist trap.

You can not love the city without the locals, so why not show them how much you love our culture and buy from the locals. These monies, your very dollars would add an incomparable amount of wealth and resources to the lives of the New Orleanians, our communities and businesses.

You will have fun following Neauxla Chic as she shows you all New Orleans has to offer and yes, you will see and hear about Bourbon St, the French Quarter’s and other touristy things, but through the eyes of a local.

Nola Chic

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