I get it from My Daddy

Who’s that Chic???? 👀🤪😜😂🤣⚜⚜⚜⚜
I dedicate these pics to my Daddy George Price!!! He is the man behind my business, fashion and hair senses. Actually both he and my Mama fed New Orleans culture, entrepreneurship and compassion for others as so as the air filled our lungs.

He kept us dressed in the finest clothing and shoes, Lord & Taylor, Masion Blanche, Krauss were a few of our spots and they knew us by name. He brought us to meet congressmen, to business dealings and anywhere he needed to go when it was his time to have us and I didn’t mind. I was the ultimate Daddy’s Girl. My Daddy could have took me to the moon with no oxygen tank or spacesuit, I knew we would be alright cuz My Daddy was with me and he wouldn’t go anywhere that would jeopardize our wellbeing.

I can feel myself spinning around the beauty salon chairs, walking on the salon floor stage, looking in the mirrored lined wall with the smell of hot combs, curling irons, hair chemicals filling the salon and all the pretty women who wld wait so my Daddy could sprinkle his make em beautiful magic dust, the ones that had their turn either sat under the burning hot hair dryers awaiting a touch of his magical hands.

the one that sat in the chair would get her final spin in the chair as he pumped it down, bringing full center in the mirror as her hands would cover her mouth but you can see the joy in her eyes from admiring herself, then she would get up grease palms with him and plant a big kiss on his cheek as I looked on and felt a tinge of jealousy but it would soon disappear as she would say “George your girls are so cute and well mannered and you keep them dressed so well” that lil bit of acknowledgment saved her..

once he was done, he would sit us by the desk, that once sat at the desk with his as he did the books, made my 7yr old self count thousands of dollars and then we were off to the fanciest restaurant where I would always get a cheeseburger and pina colada til I turned 9yrs old then my palate was more developed for some big people food.


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