The evil that lurks behind a beautiful mask reveals IT

It’s a Hoodie type emotional day.. As each day passes it still seems unreal, it’s like we are living on set of CSI or 1st 48hrs.. My family has lost three of my generations loved ones to murder and it hasnt been a year since Brandon and now Shana..The sad part is I know people who has lost more loved ones than us and I feel selfish to complain. No matter the number of victms the pain exists nothing can lessen the pain..

I’m tired of funerals, especially when the cause is murder. Seriously, why evildoers cant let us live..
It’s not like victims go knocking on It’s door… Yes, It’s an It, because It has no self control or conscious to let us live… At least monster will let out a heartaching growl once it has realized that it’s about to inflict an unimaginable pain, the sound comes from within the monsters being trying to stop itself from doing harm. The monster will do everything in it’s power to stop itself from killing it’s prey that wasn’t caught for sustenance.

A monster will hid itself from humans to avoid inflicting harm to them. We go insearch for the monsters of the world, the very ones who are hiding themselves from us and only when find its hiding place, we force the monster out of hidinf, chasing after it. Out of fear of the unknown will the monster attack l, defend itself will defend itself out of the need to survive even if it’s living life in solitude.

This is not the case with the evil humans we share our lives with, It walks the earth with us in plain view unlike the monsters that hide. They come into our lives pretending, prey and plotting on how to inflict horror, pain and heartbreak onto our lives. It hides behind shadows of the most handsome and beautiful faces with hearts of ice, cold blood running through their veins, minds full of evil as the conjure up the methods of evil as they prepare to they lay the trap of their honey dripped words full of lies and manipulation, leaving us defenseless to evil vices.

It, this thing is so unhappy with what it sees in the mirror, that it anxiously awaits the moment to take joy away from us.. It, this nonhuman finds pleasure with taking from those who are content with their reflection..Found peace with the cards of life that has been dealt to them. They prey on those who’s light shines so bright that they plan day and night on how to get close enough to the victim in effort to blow the candles of their life out.

It doesn’t care about us, those who are left behind to grieve and painfully awaken each day that our loved ones life was taken by evil. It can careless about the victims kids, mother, father, family and friends, It, this evil smirks and chuckles at our pain. Our tears bring an unimaginable evil pleasure to their rotten souls. This thing can never be human, its void of all things we are, it lacks all emotions and I’m unsure how It survives with heart made of pure ice.

I never knew what hate actual felt like until It broke into our lives… It stole away priceless souls, a cherished spirit and there’s no sorry, there’s no restitution or there’s no prison time that will make us feel better, ever.

I hate the It’s of the world and now that I know murder, I know the pain, suffering and agony that comes with it. I now have a personal relationship with homicide, it knows my family’s phone number. They speak of New Orleanians being desensitized, because of the amout of violence, but all my loved ones were murdered in the safe confines of Minnesota Nice..

I’m unsure what my justice would be for this It, death, live or release him and let the wolves of life slowly devour his flesh. My mind thinks hell on earth would justify my family’s and other’s loss. We are told to forgive, which is no problem for me, but I need It’s life to be filled with more pain than we feel. I have a right to feel like that. If It, this evil would have sought help for it’s issues or even killed himself we wouldn’t be left hurting like this.

Yes, I did say kill Itself, because It has the issue with IT and not our loved ones who’s lives their insecure evil asses took.

While I’m speaking on let me add I’m tired of drama, mess, jealousy, greed and selfishness. All these lead up to instability of the heart and mind, creating envy and a host of other bad emotions that manifest into violence and murder.

Jealousy removes its veil only to control, intimidate and kill..

Killing of not only the body, but it takes away our happiness, joy, peace, selfesteem, murdering our souls and finally our body.

Like how can you not like someone you do not know nor took the time to get to know?? Are you mad and jealous?Why you are you bitter at the new woman or man your ex is with?? Are you mad and jealous? Why you have a problem with your neighbor because, they brought a new car or moving out the hood? Are you mad or jealous? Why are you cussing out the woman, when your husband is the one cheating on you?? Are you mad or jealous? Why are you so mad that someone is working hard to have the life they have? Are you mad or jealous?

You really need to look at the issues at hand, look in the mirror and be honest with your feelings, before you go off on thr deep in and end up hurting someone and you are locked up. It’s ok to feel mad, jealous and those are all natural reactions, feelings, but we need to learn how to control our emotions are we will end up being, IT.

Murder and violence stems from emotion we can’t control, someone is mad at someone else for them being them and evil wants to wipe that contentment from that person..

This makes me think of the couple who was robbed in the Quarters. They were walking down a low lit romantic looking street, back to their hotel after having a nice night out in New Orleans and some It came up from behind them, putting the gun to the man’s face and asked him for his wallet. The man said “Man, are you serious?” The guy replied “yes” with the gun still in the man’s face. He gave him his wallet and It ran off… This It planned, plotted and preyed on this man and wife, who worked hard to make enough money to take a vacation and this It had the audacity to take it away.. Why? It was jealous, lazy, evil and the list goes on. It, the evil axx was apprehended shortly afterwards, but this couple now has suffer the affects of PTSD, because of their horrific encounter with It.

If we would just take a look in the mirror and feel comfortable with our reflection innocent lives can be spared. And if by chance we can’t deal with our reflection we need to talk to someone, get professional help. The problem lies within you, not the person you prey upon to make you feel better about you.

It’s rare that we actually take the time to go speak to the person we have what is possibly a delusional beef with it. I’m pretty sure if the person knew you had some type of issue with them they would try to fix it and apologize, but you busy being Mad.

Yeah, YOU BIG MAD and for nothing….and you only find happiness in destroying lives of people you see are satisfied with their’s…and that’s evil.


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