Is New Orleans really worth all this?? Boil Water advisory, pump failure, power outages & unfair wages to the locals

Walking thru my hood in the pitch black realizing I hv Post Hurricane Katrina PTSD & I didn’t go through it…but I’m walking cuz I hv to go check on Kobe and Tuna. They like my kids and I couldn’t just sit and pray and hope he was sleep. One cant take chances with a family with disabilities.. so I grab my soldier rag and walked it out.

Another Power Outage and it’s cold. Why?? Why all these utility issues in a state that endured a major catastrophe??



hv Post Hurricane Katrina PTSD just from hearing yall stories & seeing all the pics n videos from 2005… So when over 1:30 minutes passed of yet another power outage I found myself almost in what I think could be what survival mode felt like a few questions came to my mind as I thought of all those who shared their Katrina survival stories with me & one was in New Orleans really worth me staying, then who I needed to check on and then who the hell would check on me.. I realized I’m alone the couple men I date and even Nardie don’t hv my back….

Is NOLA really worth all this??


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