Prayers for ”Wussam” Supa Cent, Crayon Case, CEO

Raynell Steward, aka Wussam Supa Cent, was recently hospitalized for short term memory lapses and her loyal fans have taken to the internet with loving support.

Supa’s friend, Darealbbjudy, posted a picture of herself with Supa in the hospital. In the caption, she wrote:

“We are trying to deal with this personally, but fully understand that she is a public figure. We bring her to places that she requests when things are going good so we can go over memories and let her enjoy  she likes to talk about memories and things…..but she is not herself sometimes so although WE ALL KNOW she’s said many of times that she’ll take a pic with anyone…unfortunately right now that’s not the case….yesterday for example we went out to eat after we were done we were waiting on valet someone yelled “SUPA, remember me from such and such”…she didn’t even respond and he seemed disappointed but at that EXACT moment she didn’t know he was even talking to her. She turned and asked me and Tok “am I Supa?” So please don’t feel bad when we say she can’t take pics or if her responses are off. We would just keep her inside but she has been wanting to go places “when she’s good” PLEASE JUST KEEP PRAYING FOR MY SISTER.”

Supa has been posting pictures of herself in the hospital asking her fans to pray for heras well as stated on IG:

“I feel normal now, but it’s still some things I don’t even know,” she said. I’m going on my timeline, went to my thing and saw I had a whole f–kin’ event. They said the event was big. I had an after-party and all of that. I didn’t know anything about that. I knew about it, but it’s like all of that interrupted my memory. First of all, I never known that was possible to happen. That’s what f–ked me up. When the doctor told me what was wrong, I didn’t even think that was possible. Like how can something alter my memory? It’s weird.”

“The reason I went public with it, first of all, y’all know I’m open anyway. I was going to go public anyway, but they was telling me to wait until I talk to the proper neurologist,” she said. “I don’t remember nothing from a few weeks ago. It’s just weird.”

If you were born and raised in New Orleans and you understand our culture, how we protect those we love, and our firm belief in prayer, you would appreciate and respect for Supa’ family wishes.

I’m only writing because it’s what I do. Like all of you, I’m praying Supa recovers so that she can get back to her routine.

I ask that you join Supa’s family, friends, and fans in keeping her lifted in prayer.

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If you all remember the famed restauranteur and former model Barbara Smith, known as B. Smith, 64, who revealed that she has Alzheimer’s and her acceptance of her husband’s live in girlfriend.

Smith’s diagnosis and gradual decline (she has gone from the mild to the moderate stage since they first went public in mid-2014) — it’s also a call to action, particularly for African Americans.

Two out of three people with Alzheimer’s disease are women. Blacks are two to three times more likely to have Alzheimer’s. We have to be proactive in taking care of ourselves and support our sisters. Most of us fly through the day as if we are SuperWoman, and our blood pressure is sky high. We have to get to the bottom of this. Too many young black women are suffering from an unfortunate lack of self-care because we are so busy taking care of others.


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