Entertainment and Media Executive, Mona Scott-Young reigns supreme as SHE-KING of the Treme Sidewalk Steppers *recap

Thousands came together over the weekend of Friday, February 7th through Sunday, February 9th, to honor and celebrate with Entertainment and Media Executive, Mona Scott-Young, as she was crowned SHE-KING to the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Social and Pleasure Club during their 26th Annual Mardi Gras celebrations.

The traditional title is Queen, but during a recent trip to The ESSENCE Full Circle Festival, Scott-Young took part in ground exhibitions where she learned of the history of KING’s and SHE-KING’s.

Scott-Young said, “I have to be honest; they named me Queen, and I embraced the title of SHE-KING in tribute to the fearless female rulers of Ancient Egypt and Africa that I learned of while in Ghana. I went to exhibitions led by an African woman named Jewel, who’s mother is a SHE-KING. I went to meet her, and here comes this beautiful woman, a SHE-KING being escorted by a big man twirling an umbrella over her head. Yes, that is the life I need to live. All that I saw, heard, and experienced on the Full Circle trip is what gave me inspiration for my African inspired theme.”

Scott-Young also revealed DNA testing by Jeanna Page owner of Ancestry.com revealed that she is Cameroonian and that she would share video footage of the SHE-KING she met while in Africa. I highly recommend that you visit her website or social media pages to stay up to date on all things SHE-KING Mona. You will find that not only is she fabulous, but she’s also very engaging with her fans as well. https://monamient.com/

Scott-Young would begin her reign as SHE-KING of the Treme Sidewalk Steppers with King Hiram Smith in grand fashion during a weekend full of Royal festivities, entitled “The Royal Homecoming,” the merging of African ancestry and the rich history and culture of New Orleans.

The Royal weekend kicked off on Friday, February 7, 2020, with a lavished candlelit Royal Gala at Mardi Gras World, where guests including celebrities, dignitaries, musicians, and New Orleans locals were transported into a fantastical world of Monamient Entertainment. SHE-KING Mona promised something special and she delivered a TV worthy event to life that is now a part of New Orleans Mardi Gras and Black Carnival history.

SHE-KING Mona and Courtney Adeleye, founder of The Mane Choice
SHE-KING Mona and Tami Roman
SHE-KING Mona and Phaedra Parks

The Official Coronation of the Treme Second Line Steppers Social and Pleasure Club began with a magnificent promenade including all the pomp and pageantry of a traditional Mardi Gras Ball united the rich traditions of African drumming and African dance. The Royal Entry was announced as the dancer’s bodies moved to the rhythm of the powerful best to the drum. The Royal Queens of Court as SHE-KING Mona described as “My beautiful bad a** women that I call sisters” we’re some of her closest friends and co-workers” took over the procession dressed in luxurious golden fabrics, and golden headpieces lead the way dropping golden rose petals to make way for their SHE-KING.

SHE-KING Mona and The Royal Court of Queens
Stephanie Mills, Trevia Williams, Keisha Jack, Tami Roman, Stephanie Gayle, Johnna Lister and Laetitia Anguh

SHE-KING Mona reigns supreme! A golden African Goddess sauntered down the promenade radiating beauty, love, and royalty in a beautiful two-tone rose gold custom silk and lace gown with matching cape. Upon her head were the most elaborate gold and jewel-encrusted headpiece. As the night went on, SHE-KING Mona would surprise the Kingdom of Treme with a total of three wardrobe changes, with each one just as glamorous as the next.

SHE-KING Mona joined King Hiram to begin their reign as King and SHE-KING of the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Social and Pleasure Club. King Hiram and SHE-KING Mona thanked the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Social and Pleasure Club and those in attendance for their support and promised to serve throughout their reign. The celebration began after the awards ceremony.

KING Hiram and SHE-KING Mona
KING Hiram and SHE-KING Mona

The food and drink offerings were equally impressive. Guests began the evening with socializing and cocktails featuring an open bar sponsored by Myx Fusions, Branson Cognac, Bartenura Wines, and LVOV Vodka and a variety of delectable appetizers. Followed by a delicious New Orleans style dinner buffet.

DJ Ra J Smooth provided music and entertainment. Live performances by New Orleans Bounce Artist- Big Freedia, New Orleans rapper-Mia X, New Orleans rapper-Juvenile, Gammy recording artist Major, and The Big Six Brass Band would close out the night with a traditional New Orleans Secondline.

On Sunday, February 9th King Hiram and SHE-KING Mona Scott-Young were honored at “The Greatest Show on Earth,” Treme Sidewalk Steppers Parade Showdown and 26th Annual Secondline Parade Kickoff to Mardi Gras. The festivities started at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Heritage Museum where thousands of parade goers lined the streets, neutral ground, sidewalks and the ramp to the Claiborne Bridge. It would be said that this would be the largest turnout in Secondline history.

SHE-KING Mona and The Royal Court of Queens

SHE-KING Mona Scott-Young wore a traditional bejeweled Mardi Queen costume complete with headdress, feathered collar, and train. The She-King and her Royal Court of Queens ” The Krewe of SHE-KING Mona” secondlined down Rampart Ave to their awaiting float stopping along the way to meet, greet and take pictures with fans.

The Krewe of SHE-KING Mona maneuvered down packed streets as if it was Mardi Gras Day throwing signature throws such as T-Shirts, cups, swag bags of beauty products all sponsored by Monamient and The Mane Choice.

While the floats rolled, the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Social and Pleasure Club took to the streets to celebrate the reign of their new King and SHE-KING and show-off their fancy footwork, coordinating Gucci attire and shoes and custom made fans, umbrella, canes, and baskets.

The Royal Court and the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Social and Pleasure Club disbanded at Kermit’s Mother In Law Bar in the Treme neighborhood for photo opportunities followed by the After Party at Treme Hideaway. SHE-KING Mona changed into black catsuit with an oversized Monamient sweater wrapped around her waist, black leather jacket with gold studs, and matching black high heeled boots with gold embellishments. The SHE-KING strutted up Claiborne Ave with a small entourage, including her husband, Shawn Young, affirming, “This is my city no one can tell me anything. I love New Orleans and the city loves me!”

As the SHE-KING of the Treme Sidewalk Steppers, Mona Scott-Young, said, “What I experienced this past weekend is indescribable. The love, the support, the culture, and even the weather were all perfect. I’m not done with New Orleans. I am committed throughout my reign to work side by side with the Sidewalk Steppers to further impact the community by supporting the programming offered by their non-profit, the Because I Can Foundation.”

This weekend’s events were made possible by generous sponsors including 50 Cent & Branson Cognac, Monami Entertainment, Hiram Style, Treme Sidewalk Steppers, Bartenura Wines, LVOV Vodka, MYX Fusions Beverage and Mane Choice.

Honored guests included: Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen, State Rep. Royce Duplessis, Tami Roman, TV personality and member of the royal court, Phaedra Parks, TV personality, Courtney Adeleye, founder of The Mane Choice

Sources & Photo Credit: Monamient, Tami Roman, Phaedra Parks via Instagram

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