Love During Lockdown: A story about Sex, Love, and COVID-19

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Yes, sex is OK under certain circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic, but do you even want to and will that be a problem in your relationship?

Couples may think that lovemaking in lockdown would mean more time at home equals more sex, right?

Singles may miss sex or just someone to hold. They may wonder, should I try dating, even if it’s by Zoom or FaceTime? Would it hurt to meet up with someone in a social-distancing way?

Here’s my Single Woman version 👀🤷‍♀️💋💞⚜️

I may get in a whipping for opening My Pandora’s Box, but I do not mention any names and for all my readers know this very well can be fiction


We like each other, but this COVID-19 Lockdown has invited Cupid into our midst. We’ve been special friends for almost five years now, and have the hardest time resisting each other. We’re not at the level of granting him a key to my place, but he doesn’t knock anymore. He calls when he is near for me to unlock the door, and I do so without hesitation. I  wondered who in the hell leaves their door unlocked in New Orleans at this time of night; Me. And when his tall frame enters my doorway, I get butterflies. He’s not my boyfriend, and we’re not sex buddies, but somewhere in between is what defines what we have. Maybe we are in an “Entanglement” as Jada Pinkett defines it… And for the most part, I’m content with what we have.

I have been able to get my “Feelings” in check over the years, and at times I dated other men, but he remains the only person I’ve touched in the past three years. I enjoy being single and not being responsible for taking care of a man daily, but the accountability that comes with protecting ourselves from Coronvirus has changed the game. The Pandemic has made us put precautions in place that has us tethering on what looks and feels like a committed relationship – or at the very least, boyfriend and girlfriend. It is advised that as a single [person] who desires physical and/or sexual contact that you choose one other person with whom to have physical and/or sexual contact with, on the condition that neither you nor they display coronavirus symptoms. Before Coronovirus we have been explicit with no strings attached, and there were rules in place about the use of practicing safe sex, but now we have to tell each other if we were to go on a date with someone– a level of openness that very few share even in a committed relationship and here we are entangled.

Yes, I’m all types of confused lol.

This year, 2020 didn’t start out well for our friendship, but it seems to be the case for most of our relationships including the one with self. I actually thought it was over like finally done over for us as we entered the first day of the year arguing and it was the worst one ever. By February we were back speaking and every visit since the Pandemic has brought us closer. We went from Low Key Entangled to finding Love during Lockdown. I have never been very ambitious as far as sex, and I must admit he is my Ying to my Yang. Our sex life is mindblowing, well it always has been, but maybe the persona of a relationship has intensified it. There’s no need for a babysitter or praying the neighbors don’t hear our passionate moans. It was and it is freeing.  I’m unsure if the facade of being in a relationship, but just talking to him turns me on. I read that COVID-19 has affected so many parts of our liveseven our sex life, and if that’s true, I have been my craving for sex is at an all-time high, but I am forty-five. I want to give in to the Love Spell that was influenced by this deadly disease, and thinking of it like that even makes me want him even more. We have grown closer and became a constant support to each other during this hard time. And it makes me wonder if true love can blossom during a pandemic?

Sexual pleasure isn’t the only thing that has blown my mind with this man, but being able to be Me with him releases a good dose of dopamine and oxytocin that one can get from having an orgasm. I feel good with him! He is the only man that welcomed my natural self, and I mean that literally. One day he arrived earlier than planned, and I was just getting out the shower (this was one day the door was locked) as he rang to tell me he was outside. I told him he would have to sit in the car until I was ready, he refused. I threw on a sweatsuit, wrapped my wet kinky hair in a towel, and not a lick of makeup on as I let him in. He immediately sensed I was feeling insecure and asked what was wrong. With my back to him, I told him I felt uncomfortable and that he would have to entertain himself while I finished my Date Night Routine. He grabbed my arm, pulled me to him, and i put my face into his chest, and he grabbed my chin so that I was looking him in the face. He told me he liked me just the way I was and that there was no need to put anything on my body or face. I said, oh no, I need my coconut oil for my skin, and he said let me see. His hands went up the back of my sweatshirt, followed by slipping them alongside my hips, and as if he performed a magic trick, I stood in the middle of my living room in my birthday suit. We wouldn’t go anywhere that night but laid in bed, talked, and watched cartoons until we fell asleep.  I never felt anything as close to being the apple of my Daddy’s eyes until I met him. I must admit that it feels incredible to be viewed and accepted as beautiful in my natural state. Not that I needed a man to validate me on any level, but to be with a man that sees beauty past the flaws I see is a beautiful feeling.

The Lockdown would unlock more moments like this, but I wonder what will happen to our Coronvirus Relationship? After all these years, we do love each other, but we both agreed that it wasn’t an “In Love” love, but now that I’m experiencing feelings that I have never experience with any man and I question how to handle them. There are days I hype myself up to tell him, but then I worry it will destroy what we have. I know he has this same stirring going on, but he will not give all the way in, so I continue to bask in the light “Our Now Moments.” We have spoken of the possibility of giving what we have some sort of title, had talks and arguments about what others view of us, and we had short bouts of what would be called a breakup for others, but pulling back for us. He attempted to pull back after professing all that he was not to me after catching himself falling down the road of love. After a few days of fussing via text, yes, text, we have never had a verbal confrontation, nor have I ever heard this man raise his voice (Who does that? We do.). But our recent break was short of brief possibly because of the Lockdown and the need to stay safe now before Coronvirus… As I said, I have dated over the years, but he has always been the highlight of my love life. Per the rules of Coronvirus dating is obsolete now. It either best for you to enjoy the one you’re with or what? Try your luck at virtual dating or enjoy single life until all the restrictions are lifted.

Honestly, it feels really, really good to have him play the role of my main man. Without the Lockdown, I do not believe we would have arrived at this point, well, not now anyway. I had two very traumatizing marriages, a betrayal by my best friend-lover, and gave up on love, and he was married to his grade school love together for more than half his life. At this stage of our lives, we were committed to getting to know and loving ourselves. The arrows of love have pierced our hearts as we lay drunken off our NOLA Love Potion. So where does that leave us, take us? Should I be praying that as the world becomes immune to this horrible virus doesn’t kill the vibe that has formed between us? I can not go on without his tantalizing touch or our stimulating conversations, or the way I feel when I see his face. I became dependent on his companionship, fun-filled dates that always end with a night of hot passionate sex.

Will things go back to normal? I most certainly hope not, because I have not one clue of what was our normal anyways? There most certainly be a void and I would suspect my attempt to fill it will leave me feeling empty. I would have to jump back into the dating game as if I never left? At this moment I have lost all interest in other men, and he is on my mind, but what will happen when he’s no around? When the bounds of Lockdown are removed what to will happened to Us? A “US” that only came to exist because of this terrible plague.

Will our Entanglement finally Untangle or will this start a new beginning to true love?



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