Baldwin & Co. Black-Owned Coffeeshop and Bookstore Review

Baldwin & Co is artfully designed with a mixture of African-inspired decor and contemporary furnishings. White walls are adorned with eye-catching artwork, African print-covered chairs. When you enter the Coffeeshop doors, you are greeted with enticing scents, a creative atmosphere, and friendly smiles.

Café Rose Nicaud contributed to the community, character, charm, and culture of Frenchmen Street in New Orleans has closed

Café Rose Nicaud has closed its doors on December 16, 2019, after decades of contributing to the character, charm, and culture on Frenchmen Street, as well as being a vessel to bring the community together.

Cafe Rose Nicaud was dedicated to the memory of Rose Nicaud and her pioneering success as a leading entrepreneur whose resourceful spirit and extraordinary efforts continue to inspire us today.