Rain Rain go away…

Good morning, typically Im not waken by the rain, after hearing the press from Sewage and Water Board Im feeling a lil uneasy. Plus it doesn’t help that the neighborhood cat “Nola” was meowing & scratching at my door.  She usually meows at night if she didn’t get fed by another neighbor, but it’s like this am she was mad. I hv a patio rug on my porch along with a rocking chair with a cushion that she wld sleep in on a cold or rainy day, but it’s all wet and ruin.. even if I put something out for her it would get wet…sorry Nola.

As I mentioned, I grew up loving the rain, never saw it as something dangerous, and I still feel that way. Being a native of New Orleans, as a kid growing up in the late 70s, I recall opening the fire hydrant on a hot day, bam instant street pool & splash pad. I splashed in puddles after it rained without the worry of floating overturned trash cans… I do not remember it flooding unless there was a hurricane. I don’t get how over all these years of rainy days that now in 2017 post-Katrina and millions of dollars that little rain can flood thousands of homes and businesses.

What did they do with all that money??? The actual victims of Katrina only received coins in comparison to how much money the city received. I think more Big Wigs need to be in prison for lining their pockets with funds that were meant to prevent days like this….and why do I feel bad about being up high…

July 10, 2019

And we are still dealing with flooding…Way too long.


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