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“The right person at the wrong time” doesn’t exist when you think about her and the impact she has had on your life. She’s the girl who make you believe in things such as fate and soul mates even. She makes you believe in something bigger than yourself.
The thing she makes you believe in is called love.
Her love is the perfectly imperfect embodiment of the reason why the tide always returns to kiss the shore. Or the reason why the moon is illuminated time after time in the darkness by the sun. They never give up on each other no matter how their paths are separated, they’ll always end up back together, even after all the storms that rage through the skies and the seas.
She made me believe our souls were connected before they fell down to Earth as shooting stars. That is why there is a gravitational pull, pulling me in her direction. To throw her away, dismissing her as a wrong time, would be one of your greatest mistakes.
She is a timeless soul because she will live forever within you. Prepare for a burning soul within her presence because you’ll feel her fiercely even after she is long gone.

By: Eric Hollins

Dedicated to “Momo” Altia Nora 9/15/31-4/16/17


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