A train ride back to New Orleans: They built it, traveled on it and now me

Let’s go in


​As I walked through the door of the train station, the smell of life of once was, hit me in the face. It was a pleasant woody loving smell.

The Hammond Depot Station, well the railway was established in 1854. The actual station opened in 1912 and was  renovated in 2008, but they made sure not to change much. The building itself is still the same structure; the old handmade wood benches sit in their same spots and the ticket counter had a worker behind it that looked like he could would pop up at any moment to say “All Aboard!”


The smell overcame me to the point I had to sit down to let it all soak in. It felt like I slipped into a time of hope, mixed with worry and uncertainty of the unknown, but the courage of knowing anything can be overcame.

I felt a sense that something would be waiting for me, something wonderful, like a beautifully designed life wrapped shinny paper with a big bow!

Its like someone deep within the very being of my very soul said “get on the train and BE, let go of the fear of your thoughts of what can’t be and BE “. I felt a Light guiding me towards, not only, attaining my ultimate level in life, but being it, enjoying it, celebrating it.

Here it comes!!!
It doesn’t feel like I’m going up the road, back to New Orleans, which is only an hour away. It feels like I’m going a journey to live life, enjoy every piece of it and the people in it. Living it unafraid, expecting a mountain to conquer, a bridge to cross and the courage to discover what I was thought was impossible …

Nice roomy seats, there’s sleeping rooms as well

I have no choice, but to do it, because without even knowing who, someone before me did it and made a way for me to continue down this road of life.

A time not so long ago

My ancestors made it so that I can buy a ticket online without showing who I am, it doesn’t matter if I was male, female or the color of my skin. I can simply go to this same old station of forgotten hard times, show my ticket and sit where I please..

Just like that I can do Me in ease, because of those who came before  fought a great fight just for me…Nola Chic

Looks like you can jump right on the clouds from the levee and walk the clouds to the sky

This was my 1st train ride, honestly I put it off each time I go out there, because it takes 2hrs to get to New Orleans, which is only an hour ride even by train.. I called to find out why it takes 2hrs instead of the one and found it was, because the train decreases speed when it enters the city. I couldn’t imagine sitting on a fast train envisioning bikes or people walking pass us by.. Either way I already had the $16 ticket, which is a great deal, so there I was entering the stations parking lot. I couldn’t believe it, I was thinking where is the rest of it. I was in Hammond, which is a small slow laid back town, so yup this is it. I got out the door, stepped back, took my glasses off and smiled for some unknown reason. Thinking what we do for love. I spent time with my boyfriend now its time to go back home to my babies. It’s my niece’s 6th bday!
Do I need to say this was a life changing priceless train ride…

My Nola Girls

My sweetheart and I


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