New Orleans is filled with artist who create regardless of the state of the canvas…. Come take a visual tour with me to admire how graffiti artist color our city.


10 thoughts on “Nola Grown Artist: Street Graffiti 

      1. Present it to the city council. Be and advocte. I think of that every time I get stopped by a train and see all the beautiful artwork on the side of train cars.


      2. Can I do that?? Like just me?? Im just a black girl who got out of New Orleans just in time to do a lil something with my life. Im just a nurse and a special needs foster mom… idk the in’s & out of the system. Wld they even take me seriously. OMG


      3. First take all the “just” out of your comment. You are a valuable woman with ideas. Is there a group of friends, some professionals, that help you start a business? Use as many people as you can for your ideas. Then find some graffiti arrest and challenge them t draw some NOLA ads that are attractive. Decide where they can go that would be advantageous to the city. After that, Set up appointments with advertising agency to see what the possibilities are. Maybe you can partner with them and put graffiti on bill boards. There are all kinds of opportunities. Don’t try to do it alone or it will overwhelm you! Get everything together before you go to the City Council so you can present the possibilities. A good presentation is very important. Remember, you are NOT a “just”, you are a lady with the potential. You have to decide if you want to use it or not.


      4. Its ironic having you help me. I just met a pastor at a community event his church had and he followed up on me and my girls even had the church come pick is up. There was an outreach church program from Atlanta that came out to help him with the community event. It was really awesome.
        I honestly dont think if I wldnt hv had the exposure I had in Minnesota that I wld feel comfortable. Down in New Orleans I noticed that black ppl shy away from white ppl like there’s no trust still but ppl love ppl I hv learned. Thank you again. I’ll work on it. You actually inspired me to write bout my teen experiences in New Orleans.. I actually drowned it all out…. I survived alot..


      5. Yes the South still struggles with racism. Its something I believe will always be around in every state. More so here though! I believe we must look to the Lord for our guidance. Man will always let you down. I’m thankful this pastor is helping you and the girls. Stay in church. Let God speak to your heart. Ok, sorry, I’m thru preaching, lol. Tell This pastor of your idea. Get his input. Perhaps you could use the church for a graffiti contest like we discussed. Maybe he has just the right people to help you get it done. Stay strong! You and the girls are in my prayers!


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