Nola Grown Artist: Producer Desmond Hollins aka Katrah-Quey

Nola Grown Artist: Producer Desmond Hollins aka Katrah-Quey

Today my featured Nola Home Grown Artist is my one and only brother, Desmond Hollins aka Katrah-Quey (prounounced Cat-Tra-Kay) is the pseudonym of New Orleans native St. Paul, Minnesota based producer. Katrah-Quey’s beats have been featured on Adult Swim’s bump ads. He is also a member of a production crew named the 4Shades.

Born in New Orleans in the late 80’s to the parents of Blues Musician, Willie Cole and designer semtress Jean Hollins, Desmond was exposed to a big gumbo pot of culture and music. He was named in honor of the great Desmond Tutu and his middle name “James” was after our great grandfather, named after men like these Desmond James Hollins had no choice, but to be someone great.


Desmond is our child prodigy. He started reading at 3yrs old, memorized the continent of North America, including all the states, its capitals; down to how it is shaped and what it produces.

He also, is a lover of anime and street fighter games which influences most of his music.

Katrah-Quey is a self taught musician and producer, wowing music lovers all over the world. The New Orleans native hip-hop producer has been like an epiphany for us, delighting our ears with his craftmanship, making impressive remixes and productions.

He blends lush melodies, samples & chords with boombap driven drums, experimental electronic sections, relaxing soundscapes and very minimal turntable scratching into a cohesive instrumental healing hiphop album. The longer tracks have more dynamic arrangements while the shorter tracks have grooves so rich in depth, you are inclined to play them back over and over. The first half the album provides a good amount of energy to catch your attention while the last half of the album is more meditiative & zen-like. The compositions seems to follow the chakra chart on the album cover with each track activating different spots while maintaining vibrations to improve the quality of your mind, body and spirit. Overall, a delightful listen that is highly recommended.


“Katrah-Quey treats us with a brief but very concentrated and cohesive instrumental hip-hop album that is mellow but very energetic. Laced with heavy drums, shifty procussion and nice bass carried throughout the project complements the chilled out concept of the album that is not boring like many instrumental projects tend to do. For fans of Fat Jon, Comfort Fit, Dimlite, Prefuse 73, Nujabes, Caural and Express Rising – or if you’re a fan of relaxing music! 8/10” – James Howard.


We suggest you to pay attention to a project where Mr. Quey fuses jazzy meaningful beats with supa-smooth and electronic hip-hop underground instrumentals. This is not the work of a newbie but it sounds really mature,solid,compelling,lavish.

Katra-Quey recruited Chicago femcee/singer Kaiji , Louisiana emcee Noir (sumptuous performance over the sample of Bob James) ,Suzuki Kaioh and others!

Def one of our fav emerging hip-hop producer!



Taste the Katrah remarkable sound and don’t forget to support the artist!



Nola Chic

Native of New Orleans, who endured 20yrs cruel Minnesota Cold, I decided at 42yrs old it was time to pack up my then 6yr old and come back to my roots. I am all things that would challenge the belief of growing up in New Orleans. I was a 16yr old teen mother of a preterm 2lb baby girl born with a disability. With the help of my mother who had her own struggles. We survived the obstacles laid before us. I'm the proud mother of three children with two failed adoptions, as well as a grandmother of three, two grandsons and a granddaughter. I survived two abusive marriages. I successfully ran a soulfood restaurant and catering company in Minnesota for 12 years. I started creating custom cakes after the murder of my beloved cousin Melvin Paul.  He survived Katrina only to go to Minneapolis six months later to be murdered over a parking spot dispute.  I put my all into my cake business over the years as House of Cakes was started right out of my house in honor of him. I thought by having the big house on the hill, a husband, having a family, foster/adoptive mother at that, being involved in all things that matter, plus having the funds to match would cure me in a sense; but most of it poisoned my heart and soul. I had a broken heart and I felt deep down the only way to repair it was to get back to my roots, my soul, my home,  myself, my New Orleans. I'm here and I'm loving it. Even being in the so called Blighted Area of New Orleans and not having all the financial and material security, I'm happy. I am determined that She, yes New Orleans is a woman is just like me; together we will overcome and will rise from all that tried to kill our spirit. Nothing like starting from the bottom and making your way back up! I'm down in the boot, but I know I have a nice floppy hat awaiting my destiny...

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