My Mother’s Sacrifice for Me

I’m really on one this am, overwhelmed with thanks but I wanted to take this time to publicly tell My Mama Jean Hollins who does not understand the concept of social media & will tell me a lil something something for putting her out here like this, but I want to thank her for once again having my back, changing her mind a million times, but in the end the change results in a yes, always helping me to fulfill my dreams. 

I was a teen mom & she helped me to the point that my daughter called her Mama and me, Dee til she was 5yrs old. I was able to attend college, work 2-3 jobs, run a restaurant, be a single foster & adoptive  mother and she was there by my dide in her guestroom, still being Auntie Jean Hollins but allowing me to be Me, the hustler, the go getter, the entrepreneur and The All I AM. Thanks Mama you are the realist woman & mother ever made. I appreciate your sacrifice for me. 

I’m happy God blessed me to be able to give you a few diamonds & coins while you are here with us. My Mama will accept flowers but she like bling. 😂💕🤗💰🤔❤

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