New Orleans Native Supa Cent went from working in the tourism industry to NOLA Mega MakeUp Millionaire Entrepreneur

Those close to her know her as Raynell Steward, but her loyal followers and fans know her as Wuzzam Supa aka Supa Cent a popular social media personality, successful New Orleans entrepreneur, Community Advocate, and now she has added several zeros to her legacy! Supa is a millionaire, and she expresses love and gratitude to her fans!

Million Dollar Day in an hour in half. GOD THANK YOU,” Supa wrote. “A b**ch busted tables and cleaned hotel rooms. Don’t tell me it’s not possible ♥️.”

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Photo credit: Genuine Gemini

Supa started her makeup line over a year ago after years of working as a waitress and housekeeper in the New Orleans tourism industry.

She took a leap of faith and created “The Crayon Case ” with a wide variety of colorful hues of all things makeup that will have your face beat to the gawds. The names alone will have your mouth craving for the taste of New Orleans.

Photo credit: S O M U C H S I M ONE
Photo credit: The Crayon Case

On Cyber Monday she was brought to tears as she saw her phone lit up with notifications as clients, her fans made purchases on her online store to the tunes of a million dollars in 90 minutes!! Where they do that at except in the stock market, but Supa proved that it could be done with the brains, hands, and beauty of a NOLA Chic from the 17th Ward!!

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I am just a normal girl from New Orleans who has a public sense of humor. Which got me to where I am today…When I started doing videos, they were so raw and unapologetic — people related to it! I didn’t care how people reacted to them! I just was venting, and they felt where I was coming from.”

Photo credit About – The Crayon Case

Supa is proof positive that New Orleans can birth greatness, women can create million dollar businesses and be loving, dedicated, involved mother’s and wive’s.

Supa represents the pure soul of our New Orleans culture. I love her transparency and her raw realness. Plus she’s relatable, showing the flipside of all the reality BS and I love it.

I’m not only proud of my NOLA Sista, but she motivates and inspires me to continue to push on even when it seems a bit too much, reach for the stars and to know my worth regardless of the naysayers through her videos. I have yet to meet her, but I am a loyal follower as well. I was in the line for her block party, visited her booth at Essence and had the opportunity to get a peek of her store in New Orleans East.

I encourage all of you who are away from home, think you can not make it here, because of the gentrification going on here, but I want you to remember that they need us to make New Orleans what it is. Take a lesson from Supa’s Princess Tiana New Orleans fairytale, because dreams do come true for those who believe!!

Here’s the link to buy if you feel the need best you face and support a New Orleans entrepreneur:

FACEBOOK: Wuzzam Supa

TWITTER @Wuzzasupa

INSTAGRAM @Supa_cent



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