Book Review: Chronicles of a Serial Dater

I had the pleasure of meeting author the beautiful Ann Sorrell, Chronicles of a Serial Dater during this year’s Essence Festival in New Orleans. I remember the day like yesterday because I was running around New Orleans like a chicken with her neck cut off trying to meet her to do an informal interview and blog review. It was on a Sunday, the last day of Essence Festival and in the last thirty minutes, I made it in just enough time to chat with her, take a few pictures and grab a copy of her book on all things that come with dating the opposite sex.

Our Black Woman Magic was alive and at work in the atmosphere and we made it work. I look forward to working with her in the near future to engage you all via a live social media interview as we talk about the road frequently traveled in search for love. Until I would like to know if you are a ”Serial Dater”? I used to be, but worse I’m a Serial Fiance and possibly a Serial Wife. I have been engaged five times and married twice…

My thoughts on Chronicles of a Serial Dater

I absolutely loved Chronicles of a Serial Dater! Ann is full of life and love. The stories she shares will have you crying, laughing, questioning, and have you going down your very own memory lane of every relationship you’ve ever had. I really enjoyed her reading about her dating life over the years. Chronicles of a Serial Dater is just what it states. I really enjoyed reading dating testimonies over the years. Ann stays clear of the typical self-help relationship books. She allows you to sit in the passenger seat while she drives down Serial Dater Highway. Make sure you buckle in because she doesn’t follow love’s speed limits. Along the drive, she picks up some charming love interests; often kicking them out on the highway or check into the love hotel and stay for a while. I love that she’s not afraid to veer down the open road, she refuses to take you down the hidden backroads of her love life. She may hit a bump in the road, but she quickly recovers and describes the choices that left her blindsided that most of us can relate to. 

She uses her personal dating experiences to help others in their own dating life possibly. I love that each story highlights a specific, meaningful time in her dating life and how she describes how it affected her take on love and relationships. She ends each chapter with tips for us to use at her expense of going through a toll on Serial Dater Highway, but she charges it all to the game as she moves along the road.

Each chapter reads like the start of a great novel and will leave you wanting to know what happened to the man. Yes, the man he gets left in the dust too. Ann may look like the sweetest angel with beautiful brown skin, bright smile, and voluptuous body, but she’s not so innocent in the dating game. I was serious when I started she kicks them out on the highway! You will be surprised how often she played the role of vixen and heartbreaker. As you flip through the pages, you will find out that Ann gives a helluva birthday gift that results in a birthday breakup. Yessss, she’s a heart crusher. I really want to know what happened to that guy. 

Every single lady should read this book and live by it! It’s a book that states the obvious to us girls, but we are too wrapped up actually to see the situation for what it is. Ann leaves us with a true sense of ownership by allowing us to see both sides of our dating lives. At the end she leaves us with great Affirmations that will help guide us along the road of love.

Thankfully Ann was able to maintain a real and unique voice that offered a great spin on dating. Chronicles of a Serial Dater full of humor and wisdom, but will have you cracking up laughing not only at Ann’s flirtatious fun-filled experiences but remembering your own as well. 

Overall Chronicles of a Serial Dater, is an engaging, sassy, funny, and genuine, straightforward book that has given me a refreshing outlook on relationships. Not only does it give good advice for women, but men as well and lets them know that the excuses and certain behaviors are not acceptable point-blank period.

It’s a must-read! 

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Ann Marie Sorrell is a philanthropist, full-figured model, award-winning business leader, woman of faith, and emboldened enthusiast of the opposite sex. She lives out loud and is unapologetic in her support of the many causes that are important to her, which include: social justice, equality for all, issues impacting women and minorities, economic development and health & wellness. She is the President & CEO of The Mosaic Group, and Founder of MustAttend Events, Inc . Ann Marie earned a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management from Florida A&M University. Ann Marie serves on several community boards and has won numerous awards for her leadership, business acumen, and community involvement.

The quest for love is very challenging for a busy professional, but it has not stopped Ann Marie in her pursuit to meeting and settling down with Mr. Right. Her journey through the good, bad, funny – and steamy – of dating and relationships inspired her to document the twists and turns as she believed certainly she could not be the only one experiencing these types situations. The writings lead to Chronicles of a Serial Dater. In her spare time, she enjoys music, dancing, golf, traveling, meeting new people and flirting. She currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Source and Photo Credit: Ann Marie Sorrell https://chroniclesofaserialdater.com/

A native of New Orleans, who left her beloved New Orleans to spend twenty years of living in the land of Minnesota Not So Nice. Minnesota was full of opportunities but would learn that the soul of the state and the people who made it was just as icy cold as the temperatures. After the years and my 40th birthday flew by, I decided it was time to pack up my youngest child and come back to my roots, my birthplace the city that not only birthed me but gave me life. I would not be who I am without my New Orleans beginnings. I am all things that would challenge the belief of growing up in New Orleans. I was a 16yr old teen mother of a premature baby born with a severe medical disability. And only With the help of my mother, was it possible for me to BE! I was able to endure and survive the obstacles laid before my child and me. In a city that was built by my family, but did not allow for us to reap the benefits I overcame. Charity Hospital was my second home — a building filled with miracle workers who made it possible for my daughter to have life. I have lived a life of rainy days with peeks of sunshine, that are my children, including those not of my womb. I'm the proud mother of three and a grandmother of three. My dream was to live the life of the nursery rhyme of ”The Old Lady Who lived in a shoe,” and for the most part, I did. I cared for several children over the years as a special needs foster parent. I would learn that my love was not enough for some children, but I loved them through their pain. I'm not sure if I ever had a case of true love or came close to what love looks like on television, but I had my share of men and the mirage of love. I survived two abusive marriages. Though I longed to return to New Orleans on a daily bases, I must admit my move was one of the best decisions made for me. I am a college graduate; I was a successful entrepreneur. I coowned a soul food restaurant and catering company in Minnesota for 12 years. I developed the talent of creating custom cakes after the murder of my beloved cousin Melvin Paul. He survived Katrina only to go to Minneapolis six months later to be murdered over a parking spot dispute. But with the challenge of creating a simple wedding cake, I was able to find healing. I created the House of Cakes in honor of him. Minnesota life had me pretty materialistic. I worked to the point I do not remember much, but work and handing my children love money. I thought by having the big house on the hill, a husband, having a family, the ultimate provider and being involved in all things that matter, plus having the funds to match would cure me of what I was told was a generational curse of lack of everything from money, love to even self-love. But for the most part, that life poisoned my heart and soul. I was blinded by visions fed to me by the media. I was told I wasn't anything unless I was better than the Jones's. I lived being ok with a broken, bleeding heart. Life like this did not exist in my family while living in New Orleans from what I viewed with my eyes and soul. We may not have had all the things I acquired over the years, but we were happy, we were together. Family outside of New Orleans wasn't family anymore. We lived separate lives and had awkward moments when we bumped into each other in public. I hated living in Minnesota even though life their helped me in so many ways. I felt deep down the only way to repair it was to get back to my roots, my soul, my home, myself, my New Orleans. I'm here, and I love it. Even being in the so-called Blighted Area of New Orleans and not having all the financial and material security, I'm happy. I am determined that She, yes, New Orleans is a woman is just like me; together, we will overcome and will rise from all that tried to kill our spirit. Nothing like starting from the bottom and making your way back up!. I just know in my heart that New Orleans will provide for me. There's a bank account with funds in it owed to me by way of back pay for my ancestors. And I will receive my inheritance, and I will continue the traditions and customs of the old to keep the heartbeat of New Orleans beating. I'm down in the boot, living the life that feels right to me awaiting my destiny...

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