#ThrowbackThursday – New Orleans 1990: Mardi Gras Indians photos by Infrogmation

My ”Throwback Thursday” pictures were taken by New Orleanian known as “Infrogmation or Froggy.” other than being one of New Orleans most remarkable photographers, but one can see his life’s adventures in his personal photographs.

“Infrogmation is one of #nola’s most unheralded great photographers.” — Kevin Allman, editor “Gambit” New Orleans weekly.[1] *blush*

Information posses a giving spirit as he gifts us with the freedom to use his collection of over 25,000 pictures which are featured on Wikimedia and Flicker for free, but not for commercial use. A reader reached out to The Advocate asking Blake Pontchartrain, ”Who is “Infrogmation”? and he all but described his life in photography as well as sharing a quoted statement Infrogmation gave in an interview with blogger Derek Bridges. See below.
I consider myself more as a guy with a camera than a photographer,” Infrogmation said in an interview with blogger Derek Bridges. “I see so many people who have these wonderful eyes, frame things wonderfully and man, they’re so great, and I know I don’t do that. But I also know from history working as an archivist and an amateur historian … that a lot of history has been documented not just by professional photographers but also by some person with a camera who was there at the time.”

Feel free to read the rest of the article on The Advocate here: https://www.theadvocate.com/gambit/new_orleans/news/blake_pontchartrain/article_81497ed3-dd55-50ef-b7ac-c2dcecd8917e.html

New Orleans 1990: Mardi Gras Indians celebration at Congo Square by Municipal Auditorium, Armstrong Park.

Source Photos: by Infrogmation

Author Infrogmation of New Orleans




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