‘I’m open to buy,’ Master P pushes to open grocery store in New Orleans, add diversity to the industry

It’s long-overdue,’ Master P pushes to open grocery store in New Orleans

New Orleans native and hip-hop mogul Percy Miller [Master P] is making a push to open a grocery store in his hometown.

He said after the fallout with Rouses’ retired owner, Donald Rouse, it’s the perfect opportunity for the Black community to start something they own.

“I think it’s about economic empowerment. It’s what we learned from this whole thing is why are we not owning these grocery stores in our community, people that look like us? How come we don’t own any stores? And I think this is an opportunity to put some diversity in the grocery store. I just think that it’s time for us to change that narrative to add some balance and some diversity in this game. That way, we could feed more families in our communities, we could give more jobs and opportunities. And I think that we can all bridge that gap,” Miller said.

Miller said he is interested in buying grocery stores from owners who may want to sell. If not, then he said he will look at buildings.

“I’m looking for locations myself as I speak, right now in New Orleans, to be able to put our own brands up, and when you go in these stores, it’s people that look like us that own it. And I’m not saying that we don’t need to buy from these places. I’m saying this should be a national business where Whites, Asians, Latinos, African Americans could come to the store, but we need to be able to change that imbalance with some diversity to where you see some people like us behind the scenes that own these properties, and that’s my dream goal,” Miller said.

Miller is looking for properties, buildings, as well as Black-owned farmers and business owners in New Orleans.

Anyone interested in connecting with Miller’s team can visit his social media pages.


Source: https://www.wdsu.com


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