Love’s Veil

I’m unafraid to remove the veil

but if I remove it or speak while I’m hurting

my realness may scar you

and I wouldn’t want my loves to feel as I  💔

My Transparency and Love for others feel like a curse at moments like these. As I look back over all the years of pain that is living within the depths of my soul. I sometimes wonder,  “Will I ever have a moment to birth out this so-called great purpose for what I’m destined to fulfill?”

If I’m not in pain from the labor of life, I’m in pain from the knives in my back pushed in, so they have pierced my heart. I close my eyes and embrace my love for the wounding to my heart. Tightly I hold on to their embrace, whispering, “It’s ok.” I run my loving palms down their back as they stab me in mine. As our bodies parted, I felt my heart leave as they took it with them and swiftly walked away. 

No longer afraid to lift the veil and speak what I see and feel. I can no longer live like this. It’s time for my heart to be seen.

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