New Orleans is drowning, but not our spirit

They come with their slick pimp sweet whispers of hope and betterment for the children of Nola. They seduce the city, our motherland, Nola, and she opens her heart and soul, giving them the key to her, the city of New Orleans… Nola only gave freely, because she wants the best for her children (New Orleanians) and they came dangling good living, a life we have needed for years. She was impressed by the wealth and security that they could provide and all she could think of was how good this would be for her children, the people of the city.

Crackdown or Takeover: Nola Urban Party Buses

As of today, April 18, 2019, the New Orleans OneStop Site states:Presently we are only accepting applications for the issuance of new CPNCs for AT Taxicab (Wheelchair-accessible), Courtesy, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, General Charter, and Sightseeing.All available CPNC numbers for Taxicabs, Pedicabs, Animal Drawn, have been awarded.
If you noticed it does not list “Party Bus” which is written in as Charter Party Carrier (Party Bus) in the description. There’s a “General Charter” listed as well, would it be safe to assume if the Urban Party Bus owners go down to OneStop they would be informed that the city is no longer accepting applications for party buses. If so where does this leave the Party Bus Owners??

New Orleans Black Masking Indians- St.Joseph’s Night with the Flaming Aarows Gang

The people of New Orleans, the ones low on the totem pole do it for the culture and to keep their family traditions and priceless legacies alive. But in more ways, than we know it, the people of New Orleans remains the city with a heartbeat. New Orleanians love to see the expressions on the tourist’s faces when they eat our food. It rejoices our hearts to see you partying on our streets and brings pleasure to our ears to hear you say that this is the best trip of your life. This is all true for the Black Masking Indians their pay is hearing our wows and seeing the flashing of the cameras as if the lens is giving them winks of approval. They love to show off their talent by way of creating these elaborate suits. Then they serenade us with their chants and put on a war dance worthy of Broadway!!!