Let’s Reminiscence Over Brunch! Bijoux Sunday Brunch at Le Pavillon Hotel

The Le Pavillon Hotel holds a special place in my heart. My sixth grade graduation dinner was held there in the early 80s. I’m telling my age lol. I went to Allen Elementary, Uptown on Nashville Ave, the school is still there, but it has been renamed and the school took us their as part of of sixth grade graduation celebration.

I promised myself that when I “grew up,” I would return and stay as a guest in one of the best suites and order from the menu without worrying about the price. Sadly, I haven’t returned yet. I haven’t reached the level of success that allowed me to afford to stay at the Le Pavillion, but I can provide a Bijoux Brunch. Just think if I weren’t included in the email, I would have waited until I won the lottery or started writing fo r Oprah magazine to go lol. seriously, let’s reminiscence over brunch!

Scent of New Orleans, Magnolia, Flowers

The scent of New Orleans

There’s a scent floating in the New Orleans air that’s reminiscent of my childhood mixed with a fragrant burst of something wonderful that can happen any day now. Have you ever smelled a feeling in the air?