Who Nola Chic represents

Someone asked me who is my target market, who do I think will relate to my message and I wrote this in response. I hope you have time to read it and give me your feedback.

I represent every Nola Chic born & raised in Nola. Desire Project Born, Uptown Chic, Project Chic, Street Chic, Teen Mom Chic who left New Orleans in the early 90s to avoid the grave or prison cell, I am that Nola Chic Who Made It Out Just In Time.

I was College Life Chic, Working 2-3 Jobs for my kids Chic, Made it to the Suburbs Chic, Overcame Health Issues Chic, Entrepreneur Hustling Chic, Bad & Bougie Chic there’s not one woman I can not relate to. I’m all of you, I’m a Nola Chic.

I know what it feels like go on a run with ya Drug Dealer Boyfriend/ Husband Chic. I was that Visting Prisoner Chic and that Mama come get me outta this Jail Chic..

 I’m that Chic who married because I believed in Fairytales and that Chic, who quickly learned its all a Tall Tale, let’s just say a Lie, but keep on Believing Him Chic.

Im that Chic who worked hard and overcame adversity Chic. Im that Suburb Chic who live in amongst the wealthy white people, the only BLACK Chic on the block with the biggest house that sat on the hill kind Chic.

I know what it’s like to have abundance and live in lack the next day. I’m that Hit the Bottom Chic and will make it back to The Top Chic.

I am the product of all the women who have been apart of my world, regardless of their social economical or educational status. I’m that Chic that paid attention, got pulled under Her Wing of another Chic.

From my God fearing Grandmother, who taught me to lean on God’s promises for me, to be loving, suppprtive and kind to people Missionary Worker Chic. I’m that Chic whose Mama showed her that after ya Big Time Daddy gone, Im gonna show you how Mama’s take care of theirs, providing and teaching about being a woman and loving the skin I’m in kind Chic. I’m that Chic who had influences from the women some label Crackheads to Bougie Chics, they all instilled in me nuggets of themselves that made me whole.

So, when you come across me trying to figure me out, just know I am that Chic you look in the mirror at. I’m every Chic that was told she wouldn’t make it & did and still climbing to the top. I know what the walk of life that we go through looks and feels like. One minute you up and the next you are down, but we never give up and we keep on pushing thru this life of ours, praying knowing the best is yet to come.

I’m here to tell Our Story, but I need You to be a part of it too. So, If you see me know that I Am That Chic, Im cool & understand how you feel Chic. 💖👠👑

 Nola Chic ⚜💛🖤👑💁🏾💯

Here are a few of the many faces of Me…and for the record I’m not just about my Nola Chics, but I love and want to encourage all my Chics, all my Sister’s all over the world.

Mom Against Murder Alliance M.A.M.A 

I decided to create this group after my family suffered the loss of another loved one by the hands of someone I do not want to call human. I made this page in hopes of coming together with other homicide victim suvivors, who know what it feels like to be angry, sad, broken, lost, hopeless and the list goes on.

 I am not the mother of a homicide vicitim, but I am a sister, cousin and friend. My heart hurts for the mother’s, the mama’s, the women in my family, my friends and the women in the world  who loved their babies before laying eyes on them, the mama’s who nurtured  and cared for their children, the mama’s who did their best to raise their children to be the best version of their adult selves, these mama’s had a part of them ripped away from them in an instant by the hands of evil. 
M.A.M.A  is  place where homicide victim survivors can find solace, courage, peace, love and commonality at the most horrific time of your life.
 My hope is that we all can come together to stop and educate the community on murder by allowing the world to see the side effects of it. I want us to let the killers, the evil that walk the earth to know what they did to us. I want that thing to know that his goal to destroy was only done in the physical realm, we love with our hearts and soul and he did not kill that.
Typically, the world , the news, the community and sometimes, I’m sorry to say even our very own family and friends mourn with us for awhile, until their life happens, while yours/ours has completely stopped, broken, crushed and torn apart with us having little hope on repair. We need to make the world aware of what happens after the funeral is over and everyone is gone on with their lives. You are left with a womb that now feels barren, a broken heart, a crushed soul; your child was aborted from your life, killed and it’s not simple to just go back to living a normal life..
Please share your feelings, regardless to what other’s think. Please know it’s OK to feel, don’t let the killer keep you from feeling, from living and honoring your loved one. 
 Keep your loved one’s spirit alive by always  sharing, always talking and always remembering them. 
We can’t bring our loved one back, but we can make a difference in each other’s lives. There is someone who may need a friend like you, someone needs someone who walked this walk, let’s help them, let’s help each other. We can show the murderers that they did not kill our love for each other.
Take back what the devil stole, take your joy back and share it with someone.
I look forward to healing with you. Please feel free to post your stories, pictures, advice, post and share any thing your heart desires. Let’s stand together and make a change. Let’s put a stop to murder together.

This page is dedicated to Brandon Roberts and Melvin Paul Jr, both lives were taken by the selfish act of murderer and to all the homicide victims and their families, this page is dedicated to you as well.

Living To Love Only To Die?

I can’t sleep tonight. My mind, heart and soul filled with worry, hurt and anger. I been trying to manage with things by staying busy but between Mel son sending me a msg just saying “Auntie Dee ” and my heart sank  because he was a baby when Mel was killed and haven’t ever called out to his Daddy and received a response.I’m so angry that  no one helping with solving  Brandon’s murder and thinking of Dana, who will never see her baby boy again. I see my Noelle post a picture of her unborn baby, I try to be happy looking at a new life, but am quickly reminded Darel is gone and she’s a young widow and  its Thanksgiving and even though she wasn’t the same from dementia, she was with us and this will be our 1st year without Momo….my heart just hurts and I’m mad at the same time…

 We go on with life, half way fucked up from just being alive dealing with death of a loved one. We are born, we develop bonds and love for our family and friends, we grow up to go live on our own, add more relationships to our lives and during living we have to say goodbye to all these people we love…… It just doesn’t seem fair. 

The realization of it all has me worried about my family, my children and grandchildren. I don’t want them to feel this pain, this hurt so deep in my soul, the madness in my mind trying to make sense of it. I don’t want this for them. I buried my baby, she was a month old and would be 27yrs old on Aug. 10th.. It took the breathe from me.  I didn’t want to live with that pain that imagine of my tiny baby, laying in a white coffin with satin lining looking like a baby doll. Lord, please understand this pain.

When my Daddy died of lung cancer, I heard the news of him having cancer at the same time hearing he was gonna die. It was days before Christmas 2003 and I had to leave my young children behind, taking back some of their toys to go say goodbye. He died the 29th of December, not giving me any time to process his illness. I was broken for years even now I have my days. I get angry, because he said he was taking me,  my sister and our children to Disney the following month… I was so angry at him and at God. 

I’m angry now, because my family has two unsolved murder victims, they, we have no JUSTICE and I know the people don’t care, but what about God?

I can get on my knees and beg, make promises to God to be the best person ever, but that won’t keep the pain of death away. It won’t keep me or my family members from suffering. I’m not sure what to ask God. Should I pray that He let the next death be from illness, because murder and accidents kill our souls. It hurts and I hope God can feel our pain and cover us, cover you and your family. 

My Momo said to me since I was a lil girl and especially when I was going thru trials she would say “Deatra, you have favor with the Lord my child, you are so special to Him, just call Him, He will answer.” I’m so unsure right now and I hope He can hear me even while Im silent, because my soul can’t utter a word, but pain…. Maybe this favor she saw in me is still in me after her death. Maybe, a prayer, just maybe He will hear me and help my family. 

Do we live only to die? How is that living? How is it fair? 

A letter to My Princesses

To all my Princesses, Auntie Dee love y’all even when Im not around & haven’t heard from you! My niece Garyione & daughter Kendrayon  with their old selves were a great help to me with the generation, but wasn’t a part of the Princess Krewe, but more of their leaders, by my side helping me with my purpose. I love yall. I would say Princess, but yall are Queens now doing amazing things and are great mothers of your own now. 

My college Princesses are Kennesha Barber, she’s in Nursing School at MTC, Unique Paul, Sociology Major at Alabama and Alexis Simmons at Howard University!!! None of them were teen mom’s, they did the boy or girl thang, ya know what ever floats their boats, but they stayed the course and didn’t cause their mother’s or me too much of an issue. I’m now the proud great Auntie Dee of Nene’s son Lil Donovan aka Donnie Boy, but Im gonna call him Butterball. I’m also accepting of my niece’s sexuality. We as parents,  aunts and family members need not to judge or take away our love because of their choices on who to love. Alot of us choose to stay in unhealthy relationships dispite our mother’s advice. Love your kids regardless. 

My Nene has been by my side since she came out the womb. She always included herself in all that I do, in my business & at a young age was on me about my pricing vs cost, I was her employer, she was Nardie’s Cafe youngest employee. She was like our best, I think we owe her an award. Nene is the reason I’m blogging, well GoGo too but Garyione just wanted me off Facebook with my long stories. lol

I’m so proud of all of you and I have a set of girls just entering teenagehood and with me being in New Orleans, I worry, but I want yall to know that you are always a Princess and one-day soon you will be a Queen, like Auntie Dee. Enjoy this time being a teen, it goes by so fast then the next thing you know you praying to God to help you out of all kinds of adult situations.


I love yall, but most importantly out of everyone in the world you chose to love me. My Princesses make me feel like I’m the Greatest Woman alive. Yall see my heart and soul, yall give me the courage to go out into the world to make it a better place. Yall make me who I am, the reason I do not give up on my own dreams. Yall the reason why I love myself and know who I am. Yall make me feel beautiful, always looking on when I get dressed. Yall, see me working hard and say ” I wanna be like you” when Im feeling like Im not doing enough. Yall, take yall time to watch all that I do and I didnt know it. I hope I been a good role model?

Thank you, my Princesses for being in my life and I hope I can make yall just as proud as I am of yall.

Here’s a list of just my Princesses from oldest to youngest. I love my boys and Ill spotlight yall later, but the stage belongs to my Princesses today.

I can’t add my foster children’s names due to privacy, but yall know who you are and I love you. 

  1. Kendrayon
  2. Garyione
  3. Kennesha
  4. Unique
  5. Deyja
  6. Precious 
  7. Alexis
  8. Triesha
  9. Trashel
  10. DaJauna
  11. Tiara
  12. Yameha
  13. Zakayla
  14. Shanice
  15. Honesty
  16. Olivia
  17. Rain
  18. Colby
  19. Ebony
  20. JahNiyah
  21. Jamiah

I love yall & always wear your crown/tiara, it’s on your head always, you or the rest of the world need not to see it, believe me its there. 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 ⚜💃🏽😍💖💕💗💞

    My Mother’s Sacrifice for Me

    I’m really on one this am, overwhelmed with thanks but I wanted to take this time to publicly tell My Mama Jean Hollins who does not understand the concept of social media & will tell me a lil something something for putting her out here like this, but I want to thank her for once again having my back, changing her mind a million times, but in the end the change results in a yes, always helping me to fulfill my dreams. 

    I was a teen mom & she helped me to the point that my daughter called her Mama and me, Dee til she was 5yrs old. I was able to attend college, work 2-3 jobs, run a restaurant, be a single foster & adoptive  mother and she was there by my dide in her guestroom, still being Auntie Jean Hollins but allowing me to be Me, the hustler, the go getter, the entrepreneur and The All I AM. Thanks Mama you are the realist woman & mother ever made. I appreciate your sacrifice for me. 

    I’m happy God blessed me to be able to give you a few diamonds & coins while you are here with us. My Mama will accept flowers but she like bling. 😂💕🤗💰🤔❤

    Family seeks Justice 


    A photo of Brandon Roberts, who was fatally shot outside a bar on St. Paul's University Avenue, and a pair of shoes signed by family and friends are seen in the St. Paul home of his aunt on Nov. 1, 2017.  The case remains unsolved.  (Pioneer Press / Scott Takushi)

    A photo of Brandon Roberts, who was fatally shot outside a bar on St. Paul’s University Avenue, and a pair of shoes signed by family and friends are seen in the St. Paul home of his aunt on Nov. 1, 2017. The case remains unsolved. (Pioneer Press / Scott Takushi)

    After working back-to-back jobs from morning to night, Brandon Christopher Roberts headed out with his friends to unwind.

    But after he left a St. Paul bar, gunshots rang out and Roberts, 31, was struck. He died soon after at the hospital.

    It has been nearly two weeks since Roberts, a father of three, was killed, and his family is looking for answers. No one has been arrested in the shooting.

    Dana Roberts, whose son Brandon Roberts was fatally shot outside a bar on St. Paul's University Avenue in October, sits in her sister's St. Paul house, Nov. 1, 2017. The case remains unsolved. (Pioneer Press / Scott Takushi)
    Dana Roberts, whose son Brandon Roberts was fatally shot outside a bar on St. Paul’s University Avenue in October, sits in her sister’s St. Paul house, Nov. 1, 2017. The case remains unsolved. (Pioneer Press / Scott Takushi)

    “I want justice,” said Dana Roberts, Brandon’s mother. “I want to know who killed my son, and I want them to go to jail.”

    Roberts traveled to Minnesota from her New Orleans home last week and faced the task of planning a funeral, held Monday for her youngest son. She previously lived in the Twin Cities, having moved here when Brandon was 7.

    Brandon Roberts played football at St. Paul’s Arlington High School before they moved to Brooklyn Park and he transferred to Park Center Senior High.

    Roberts was handsome and loved looking good — even as a 7-year-old, he wanted silk shirts when he was shopping for school clothes, recalled his aunt, Robin Roberts. And his attention to detail carried over to taking care of his children, who are 2, 9 and 13. 

    Roberts lived wh his cousin in New Brighton, near his children and their mother, so he could get his kids to school in the morning, his family said.

    Roberts usually worked a couple of jobs at a time, and he dreamed of one day going to culinary school and starting a restaurant. He made his own “secret sauces” and was known for his potato salad, Jeanine Roberts said.


    On Saturday, Oct. 21, Roberts worked at Finish Line at Southdale Center and then as a server at Dave & Buster’s, also at the Edina mall. He was still wearing his restaurant uniform when he went out for the night, his family said.

    “He didn’t mind the long hours,” said Dana Roberts. “He wanted to take care of his family.”

    A female friend picked up Brandon Roberts from work and dropped him off in St. Paul at Willard’s on Thomas Avenue and Grotto Street. Later, he and a male friend went to Johnny Baby’s.

    On the morning of Sunday, Oct. 22, Roberts’ female friend banged on Jeanine Roberts’ door.

    “I knew something was wrong when I looked at her,” she said. “She was crying. I said, ‘What happened?’ And she said, ‘Brandon got shot at Johnny Baby’s!’ ”

    The male friend who was with Brandon Roberts at the bar later told his family there had been “some friction” between two groups of men — not involving them — inside Johnny Baby’s and they decided it was time to go, Jeanine Roberts said.

    Brandon Roberts called his female friend to pick him up and, on the way to her vehicle, he was shot in the abdomen. Officers working off-duty at Johnny Baby’s bar reported hearing gunshots in the area about 2 a.m., according to police.

    “He said ‘I’m hit!’ and she said, ‘What? What do you mean?’” Jeanine Roberts recounted of what Brandon’s friend told her. Another shot shattered the back window of the woman’s vehicle and she sped out of the parking lot to get Roberts to Regions Hospital, where he died, according to the cousin.

    A cousin of Brandon Roberts, Melvin Paul Jr., was shot dead in Minneapolis in 2006, about six months after he moved to the Twin Cities following Hurricane Katrina, said Deatra Hollins, Melvin’s sister. No one was convicted in Paul’s killing, she said.

    “I cannot live through this once again knowing somebody’s not going to get caught,” Hollins said. “We need to push to get some answers.”

    St. Paul police said they continue to investigate Brandon Roberts’ killing and they ask anyone with information to call them at 651-266-5650.


    Brandon Roberts’ cousin has established an account at gofundme.com/murder-vicitms-family-travel-fund to raise money for his mother, so she can bury her youngest son in New OrleansOrleans.

    For You 

    I may cry without anyone knowing

    Lie in bed with worry

    I’ll go hungry so you can be full 

    Go through my day in pain

    But I do it all with a smile 

    I do it all for you

    Your precious young eyes 

    do not need see all that troubles me.

    The Reality of Death 

    Throughout the nights I find myself waking up trying to find something that will allow me believe that this can not be life, I must be dreaming some part of it, the bad part especially. 

    Tonight, I decided to go to Corey’s page to see if it’s really true, as you know he doesn’t post much, but when he does its either funny or some mind stimulating fact. I came across condolences from you all, no written post from stating his lost, only this picture. It’s real and its hard for Corey more than I can imagine. 

    I wish I could wake us all up from this life-mare, but we where chosen to bare this pain once again and there has to be a powerful reason why. We all hv to die, not sure why murdered has to fall on some of my family & friends, but… I just wish it cld be any form of death other than murdered, it burns in the heart and leaves you scars that still hurt as time passes.

    We can’t do this again, I beg of God for protection and favor on my family’s life, I also ask of it for your family, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel this pain.

    Rest in peace doesn’t seem to leave my tongue, because I know you are hurting to leave your Mom, children, brother and the rest of us, but I hope your soul is unaware of our mourning. We miss you, Brandon. 

    We gonna make it


    Today, my cousin Dana told me she appreciates all that I’m doing & to do what I think is best in order to get Justice. It’s amazing though while grieving she wants others to feel ok. It meant so much to me to hear her say those words. At a time like this one does not know how to handle a parent, so we tiptoe around them, often times doing nothing or too much of something, not knowing how to balance exactly what to do.

    I remember after Mel was murdered, I just wanted to lay down and not do nothing. Not take a bath, not answer the phone, not care for my kids, not eat, I just wanted to do nothing and they let me. I do not remember how I got to his funeral or where my kids were. I floated in this terrible pain after he was murdered.

    Even after days, weeks, months and years went by I did nothing, but I felt so much. I honestly believe that I followed along with his mother. She like went away after he was killed, only coming out to attack the very people who loved her, but mostly me.

    She made it clear that we were not to go to court, not to talk to the news anymore, she basically just wanted me, us to just go on with no Justice, but she wanted us to remember Mel and to hurt from his murder. We never sat as Dana and the family did and spoke of our feelings as a family, we didn’t plan how to help her through the mourning process or anything. She pulled away. I actually told Dana that I was scared that history would repeat itself, that once again someone I am very close to has suffered a tragic loss and I would be the one to get hurt. I wondered if she would break my heart as Mel’s Mom did, but she told me they are different, she will not hold in her feelings and she wants JUSTICE. That’s what I love about having a real relationship, its awesome when you can share everything with that person, even your fears and they will receive you with love. I thought I had that relationship with Mel’s Mom, but her door was never open to me like that after he was murdered.

    After Mel was murdered I followed suit & remained silent, afraid to do anything because I didn’t want to hurt his mother. His death hardened and saddened me. I no longer trust had trust in people, especially after the witness recanted and the killer was never charge. I could have started an organization, pushed the detectives and the community, but I couldn’t. I spoke to his Mom about joining an organization, she never told me if she did or didn’t. It would have been nice to do things with her to celebrate and honor Mel’s death, but she rather do it alone.

    In honoring her feelings left me not honoring mines. I do not feel like I did enough to raise awareness or even speak to others, not even his kids, well recently I spoke to his older daughter. She welcomed to hear my stories of her Daddy and that made me feel like I gave him a voice. A voice to let her know how much she means to him, how much he loved her. I will always be in my nieces & nephews lives, but I always felt as though just sending the kids a few dollars and visiting with them wasn’t enough. There’s NO enough for those left behind.

    Mel and Brandon didn’t just suddenly die of an illness, they were MURDERED. A cruel person acted as if they were GOD and took their lives. It’s not fair. What did the MURDERER accomplish by KILLING them or anyone else? Let’s say someone was killed over beating someone up the day prior, then the person comes back and KILLS the winner, he is still the loser and the life he took died knowing he beat his azz. Like if you KILL someone who owes you money, you still owed the money. It just doesn’t make any sense. YOU MURDERER, KILLER, COWARD did not hurt the person whose life you took, you hurt us, the Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Sisters, Brothers, Children, Cousins and Friends, we are left with this unbearable pain.

    I’m thankful to my cousin Dana, for allowing me to finally free my voice from a prison of silence justice. I’m thankful that God allowed her to be a part of my life at a young age and equipping her with the knowledge to assist in molding me into the woman I am now. My heart aches for Dana, but I know God knows that if anyone can stand strong and help other victims it’s her. She’s hurting, but she knows the road to justice is by having faith.

    Please pray for her, please ask for comfort, strength, peace of mind, body and soul. It’s gonna, be hard, but as long as she is prayed up she can stay the course and fight a good fight for Justice.

    I’m in the process of researching on how to start and organization with Dana being the spokesperson. I have our mission written up already as well as our name, Moms Against Murder Awareness, M.A.M.A

    If you have any knowledge on how to start this, please help us, we really want to do this and will do it. If you would contact me or send me an email with tips, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time. Nola Chic


    Murder Victims Burial Fund

    Hi, my name is Dee Hollins and I come to you with pain in my heart and soul on behalf of my cousin Dana Roberts, who lost her son Brandon Roberts in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 21, 2017. Brandon was murdered, gunned down by the act of a selfish evil unknown assailant after ending a funfilled night out with his friends.