Who Nola Chic represents

Someone asked me who is my target market, who do I think will relate to my message and I wrote this in response. I hope you have time to read it and give me your feedback. I represent every Nola Chic born & raised in Nola. Desire Project Born, Uptown Chic, Project Chic, Street Chic, … Continue reading Who Nola Chic represents

Mom Against Murder Alliance M.A.M.A 

I decided to create this group after my family suffered the loss of another loved one by the hands of someone I do not want to call human. I made this page in hopes of coming together with other homicide victim suvivors, who know what it feels like to be angry, sad, broken, lost, hopeless … Continue reading Mom Against Murder Alliance M.A.M.A 

Living To Love Only To Die?

I can't sleep tonight. My mind, heart and soul filled with worry, hurt and anger. I been trying to manage with things by staying busy but between Mel son sending me a msg just saying "Auntie Dee " and my heart sank  because he was a baby when Mel was killed and haven't ever called … Continue reading Living To Love Only To Die?

A letter to My Princesses

To all my Princesses, Auntie Dee love y'all even when Im not around & haven't heard from you! My niece Garyione & daughter Kendrayon  with their old selves were a great help to me with the generation, but wasn't a part of the Princess Krewe, but more of their leaders, by my side helping me with … Continue reading A letter to My Princesses

My Mother’s Sacrifice for Me

I'm really on one this am, overwhelmed with thanks but I wanted to take this time to publicly tell My Mama Jean Hollins who does not understand the concept of social media & will tell me a lil something something for putting her out here like this, but I want to thank her for once … Continue reading My Mother’s Sacrifice for Me

Family seeks Justice 

http://sparkflow-a.akamaihd.net/spk/795/36303-1506957316/m153-0.html Home News Sports Things to Do Opinion Obituaries Classifie A photo of Brandon Roberts, who was fatally shot outside a bar on St. Paul’s University Avenue, and a pair of shoes signed by family and friends are seen in the St. Paul home of his aunt on Nov. 1, 2017. The case remains unsolved. … Continue reading Family seeks Justice 

The Reality of Death 

Throughout the nights I find myself waking up trying to find something that will allow me believe that this can not be life, I must be dreaming some part of it, the bad part especially.  Tonight, I decided to go to Corey's page to see if it's really true, as you know he doesn't post … Continue reading The Reality of Death 

We gonna make it

Today, my cousin Dana told me she appreciates all that I'm doing & to do what I think is best in order to get Justice. It's amazing though while grieving she wants others to feel ok. It meant so much to me to hear her say those words. At a time like this one does … Continue reading We gonna make it

Murder Victims Burial Fund

Hi, my name is Dee Hollins and I come to you with pain in my heart and soul on behalf of my cousin Dana Roberts, who lost her son Brandon Roberts in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 21, 2017. Brandon was murdered, gunned down by the act of a selfish evil unknown assailant after … Continue reading Murder Victims Burial Fund