Locals Corner Store Verdi Mart

Where the locals eat, NOLA Corner Stores

I highly recommend coming into the community, stop in a corner store or gas station order a po-boy, a few pounds of crawfish and grab a couple of beers, go back to the Quarters, go on the levee and enjoy your good eats and beautiful scenery. Don’t forget some newspaper and napkins..

A New New Orleans or Gentrification of New Orleans?

As it stands today, well in my eyesight and on my palette, New Orleans has turned into a water-down bowl of Gumbo. It’s actually not Gumbo in some restaurants here anymore, but the wild peasant and alligator sausage soup as one tourist informed me she was served when she asked for New Orleans Gumbo… Where they do that at? It seems in this new place soon to be New New Orleans. It’s not Gumbo anymore, it’s soup, and you can get that at any grocery store in the world. Somethings have changed, modified, removed from New Orleans Culture when they start messing with the Gumbo…